Yooralla Service Review

In the period February – July 2015, international audit and advisory firm, KPMG, conducted a Funded Organisation Service Review of Yooralla on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in relation to the disability services that the department funds.

The review’s focus was on safety and quality in Yooralla’s services provision and the management and governance systems that ensures that provision. The review focused on whether Yooralla’s policies, procedures and practices were appropriate and were being consistently applied, and how senior leadership and management provided direct oversight and drove corrective intervention as required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers.

The resulting report found that Yooralla was delivering better and safer outcomes for customers.

Video Caption: Yooralla CEO Dr Sherene Devanesen discussing the findings of the KPMG report.
Video Caption: Yooralla CEO Dr Sherene Devanesen discussing the findings of the KPMG report.

The report found that there had been real and significant change within Yooralla, including major enhancements to work practices. It noted that improved recruitment and training continued across the organisation to ensure better care and reduce risk, combined with more stringent checks and balances, and that staff and customers were encouraged to join the customer improvement process.

KPMG found that Yooralla had implemented a range of systems and processes that were consistent with those expected in high performing organisations, with considerable progress made to ensuring the provision of quality and safe services.

In particular, the report found that Yooralla presents as:

  • having systems and processes that are focused on the delivery of safe and quality services for customers
  • having a progressively emerging service culture that is increasingly placing the customer at the centre of service provision, and
  • being appropriately managed by its Board and management.
The KPMG report’s findings highlighted Yooralla’s significant investment and commitment to improving and enhancing service quality and safety for its customers.The report also made suggestions for further strengthening some of Yooralla’s practices. These included:
  • continuing to work on communication with customers and families to ensure their voice was brought into the organisation for strategy formation and service improvement
  • setting clear and consistent expectations regarding access to information, services and feedback, and
  • enhancing customer planning and goal setting and communication in response to complaints.

Yooralla will review and act on these areas for improvement.

The full report is also available to download.



Download: Yooralla Service Review - CEO video script (Word, 999kb) 1023kb Yooralla-Organisation-Service-Review-CEO-video-script-Word,-999kb.docx


Download: Yooralla Service Review (PDF, 492kb) 504kb Yooralla-Organisation-Service-Review-PDF,-492kb.pdf


Download: Yooralla Service Review (Word, 501kb) 513kb Yooralla-Organisation-Service-Review-Word,-501kb.docx

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