We welcome all types of feedback from our customers, their families and staff about their experiences with Yooralla.

Feedback may include:

  • Compliments: These are things that you think we’re doing well or may be recognition of a person who has helped you. By telling us what you like, we can aim to continue to do these things and provide feedback to staff.
  • Suggestions: Your ideas on how we can improve things or do things better can help us to improve our services and ensure they meet your needs and wants.
  • Complaints: We want to know when you’re not happy about an experience you’ve had with Yooralla. A complaint can be about a person, a service or something you have experienced. We will respond to any complaints received within three working days.

You can read more about our Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy (download PDF, 245kb) here.

How you can provide feedback to Yooralla?

In person

  • Speak to your Yooralla site manager, service delivery officer or support worker.

By phone




  • Complete the Your Yooralla experience feedback form. Hard copies are available at Yooralla service sites or you can download a copy from below.
  • Complete an easy English feedback form. Hard copies are available at all Yooralla sites or you can download a copy below.
  • Fill out the ‘contact me’ slip, available at all Yooralla sites, and return to Yooralla in the reply paid envelope provided.

Your Yooralla Experience Forms


Download: Your Yooralla Experience (PDF, 113kb) 104kb Your-Yooralla-Experience-form_-030720.pdf


Download: Your Yooralla Experience_Accessible (Word, 55kb) 57kb Your-Yooralla-experience_Accessible-Word,-55kb.docx


Download: Your Yooralla Experience - Easy English (Word, 4mb) 3885kb Your-Yooralla-Experience-Easy-English.docx

Other agencies that can help if you have a complaint

If you are not happy with our response you can escalate your complaint to an external agency. Read more about the external agencies that can support you.

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