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A Hopeful and Resilient Future

Learn more about Yooralla's vision for a hopeful and resilient future and our aspirations for addressing six overarching areas of need that represent gaps and barriers still experienced by the disability community.
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Supporting people with disability to live the life they choose

Over the next three years, we aim to tackle six major areas of need that, in partnership with people with disability, we can progress to fill gaps and remove barriers that still exist for them.

The six major needs we aim to address

Our determination is to extend our capabilities beyond fulfilling basic disability support needs for those we serve. Our aim is to expand the reach and diversity of our services so we can match the goals of the people and communities we support.

The challenges that we seek to address are significant. But with our capabilities and expertise, sustained effort and the backing of supporters, it is possible to make progress on the six major needs for which we are seeking philanthropic support.

Quality of life and heathy outcomes

We recognise that people living with a disability have multiple complex needs, including for lifelong access to health care. While many of our clients can arrange and access their own supports without any assistance, we offer a suite of supports to residents that elevate their health and well-being and overall quality of life.

Underserved communities

With more than one million people living with disability in Victoria2 and only 127,6733 currently benefitting from the NDIS, there are members of the community who do not have adequate or any access to the scheme because of their rural or remote location, ethnicity, language barriers, life circumstances and institutional discrimination. We aim to increase our capacity to partner with other agencies so that we can help more to benefit from our expertise and capabilities in disability.


Upholding and safeguarding the rights of people with disability is central to our practice. Yooralla aligns with the purpose of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to: promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity. Regardless of their level of support through the NDIS, people with disability still face many barriers in enjoying the same rights and freedoms as others in society. They experience inequality in safety, employment, education, health and income. We help amplify the voice of people with disability to decision makers, leaders and the community more broadly.

Workforce and leadership development

Our workforce deliver necessary supports for people with disability. Alongside our efforts to attract and retain staff in all disciplines are initiatives to develop the leadership skills of our frontline supervisors and support managers who oversee and coordinate our work. The leadership skills of direct support managers have a direct correlation to the quality of support that people with disability receive, as well as their safety, health and well-being outcomes.

Technology and equipment

Advances in technology are great enablers for people with disability. However, they come at a cost that is out of reach for many. We do not receive funding for the high cost of acquiring and maintaining devices, hardware and software that are critical to daily life for many people with disability. Diagnostic tools and therapy equipment, especially for children with disability, are also essential tools for our Allied Health Professionals. Without some of these equipment, children may miss out on a diagnosis that, in turn, may delay their qualification for support from the NDIS and other supports they need.

Research and innovation

Research is key to understanding the complex nature of disability support provision and the whole eco-system in which it operates. The rigorous and analytical process of research results in vital data and information that serves as evidence for innovations that can enhance the lives of people with disability. Yooralla has a long history and expertise in disability research. However, our capacity for research is limited. We require partners, collaborators and funding to fully maximise our research outcomes for the people we support.

These overarching needs are complex and challenging, with some a result of long-term systemic issues that are ingrained in society. There is no existing funding for many of these needs. Some are large-scale and will require effort and resourcing over a number of years.

Yooralla’s goal is to raise $7.5 million in philanthropic funding over the next three years to deliver 30 initiatives that we believe are solutions to these six areas of need.

With Yooralla’s experience in supporting people with disability for over a hundred years and our expertise as a result of many decades of working with thousands of people with disability, their families and those in their circles of support, we are in a prime position to lead in addressing these six major areas of need.

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