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Moving to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a world of greater choice and control is an exciting prospect for many people with disability and their families – but what if you need some help to get the supports in your plan up and running?

As part of your NDIS planning meeting, you can ask for funding for Support Coordination to set up and coordinate your services and supports.

The NDIS defines Support Coordination as ‘assistance to strengthen participants’ abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community.’  

There are three levels of Support Coordination, which are funded based on individual needs:

  1. Support Connection
  2. Coordination of Supports
  3. Specialist Support Coordination

These are all ‘time-limited’ supports, which means they are there to support you for a period of time, until you are able to support yourself.  

1. Support Connection – short-term assistance to get going

Support Connection can help you to find providers and develop service agreements that are fair and meet your needs. It can also assist you to build your capacity to manage your own relationships with providers and the NDIS in the future.

2. Coordination of Supports – greater assistance if you have higher needs

Coordination of Supports are for people with more complex needs and service arrangements. These supports assist with selecting and coordinating your service providers, as well as resolving points of crisis, and assisting to build capacity resilience across your networks. This support is still time limited but it provides a broader role than Support Connection.

3. Specialist Support Coordination – highest level of assistance for complex needs

Specialist Support Coordination is for people with very complex needs, who require case management support, due to high-level risks in their situation. These supports focus on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment, while assisting you to connect with service providers and networks. This support level may also involve the development of an intervention plan.

How do I access Support Coordination under the NDIS?

When you have your planning meeting, talk to your planner about the support you need and what level of Support Coordination you think you will require.

Once Support Coordination is funded in your NDIS plan, you can access this service from a number of providers including Yooralla.

Yooralla’s Support Coordination and Case Management service is designed to identify and purchase support and services for you to maximise opportunity and independence.

Our role is to help you achieve your goals, by sourcing the services and supports that meet your needs. This facilitates maximum choice through the provision of information and support to contact providers and develop service agreements.

Learn more about Yooralla’s Support Coordination and Case Management service.

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