Yooralla’s Hospital to Home Program

Yooralla’s Hospital to Home Program has been specifically designed to support people with disability who are currently stuck in hospital even though they have no medical need to be there.

It provides a mechanism for someone to live in temporary accommodation while their permanent supports and/or accommodation are being arranged following a hospital admission, rather than having to wait in hospital while this is arranged. This is a much better environment to live in while awaiting permanent supports. It will also support the hospital system which continues to be under additional strain due to COVID-19.

Yooralla’s Expertise in Supporting People to Live Independently

We currently support close to 300 individuals across more than 60 houses living in permanent specialist disability accommodation. The four homes that will be used in Yooralla’s Hospital to Home Program are located in Glenroy and Box Hill. All homes are large and comfortable 4-bedroom homes. Our goal is to make you feel like you are at home as much as possible. Our staff will work with you to understand what supports you need and how you like to be supported – both in the home and in the community.

Why Living in Temporary Accommodation is better than being in Hospital

The benefits of living in a homely environment include;

  • A much more pleasant and homely environment where you can do the usual activities you like to do
  • Greater freedom to have visitors in your home
  • Assistance to help you connect with family and friends in person, by phone or by video call
  • You will have the ability to access your preferred activities in the community such as going to local shops and cafes of your choice
  • A less noisy environment than a hospital, especially at night
  • Less people in your living environment
  • Access to a garden and outdoor space
  • The ability to choose the food that you enjoy and the option to participate in meal preparation
  • Being supported by trained disability support workers who are experts in helping people live as independently as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How many people will be living in the house?

Each house has four bedrooms. On each property there are two separate 4-bedroom homes so at any time there will be a maximum of three other people within your home and a maximum of eight people in total staying at the property.

Who will provide me with the supports I need?

You will be supported by Disability Support Workers (DSWs) and the Service Manager. Both the DSWs and the Service Manager have the skills and training required to support you safely.

Will there be supports overnight?

Yes, we will always have staff members working overnight. The number of staff members working will depend on the level of support that each individual living in the house needs.

What will a ‘typical’ day look like?

We want you to have as much choice and control over your day-to-day activities as possible. We also want you to be able to develop a routine, so that you feel at home. Some of the things we will support you with on a day-to-day basis are: Some days may also involve participating in sessions which facilitate your rehabilitation. Yooralla will work with you to coordinate and participate in these sessions.

We encourage you to be involved in the day-to-day running of the house – you have a choice in the food that you eat, the activities that occur in the house, and how much or how little you would like to engage with the other clients.

What can I do if I am not happy in the house?

If you are not happy in the house, you can let the Service Manager or your nominated hospital contact know. You can also let your family, and Support Coordinator (if you have one) know, or anyone else in your support network. Yooralla will work with you, and any other individuals you would like us to, to try and address the issues that may be making you unhappy.

How long will I stay in the house for?

The team at your hospital will work with you to have your long-term NDIS support arrangements put in place while you live at the Yooralla House. There is no set time-limit for how long this might take and will depend on your individual circumstances and how long it takes for your permanent funding/supports to be arranged.

Can I have visitors in the house?

Yes, each individual living within the house is permitted to have up to five visitors per day. There are no time limits on visits. In line with current Government guidelines, we ask that individuals do not visit if they are unwell.

Can Yooralla provide all the supports I need?

Yooralla provides a large range of supports and services and we are very confident that we can provide all the supports you need. You may, however, choose to get some of your supports from other agencies external to Yooralla. We can work with you to make sure that you have as much choice as possible in the support you receive. If there are other supports which you are looking for in addition to those provided as part of the Hospital to Home Program, we can work with you to explore these.

I already have some supports/therapists in place – can they continue to support me in the house?

Yes, your regular therapists can continue to support you whilst you are living in a Yooralla house. You can also continue to engage your external support workers to provide some of your supports.

What connection will I have with my treating hospital while in the house?

Yooralla will ensure that you are getting the appropriate care and support by organising regular contact with staff from the hospital at a suitable time via video calls, in person visits or through the provision of updates to your key health professionals via email. You will have the contact details of someone at the hospital that you can use any time.

Who will help me with my NDIS package?

Each hospital will nominate a particular person that is responsible for ongoing support to arrange your NDIS package/supports while you are living in the home. The hospital might choose to ask Yooralla to support this too, which we are happy to assist with.

Contact Us

For further information on Yooralla’s Hospital Discharge Program, please contact us:

Melissa Cofre Director Home and Living
Email: Melissa.Cofre@yooralla.com.au yooralla.com.au


Download: Yooralla's Hospital to Home program flyer (PDF, 1.2MB) 1246kb FinalHospital-To-Home-Program-flyer.pdf

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