Supporting families through the provision of alternative care options.

Do you currently care for a person with a disability? Are you in need of a break from your support role?

Our respite options provide carers of people with disability with the opportunity to take a break from their current support role. We provide a variety of options, as well as opportunities for new and different experiences.

Yooralla provides respite options for children and adults with disability.

Our respite options range from support in your home to respite within a purpose built house and from a few hours a day, overnight, or several weeks. As with all of our services, our respite options are tailored to suit you.

We also provide full coordination of your respite services, to assist carers to identify choices and navigate through a sometimes-complex respite service system. This is ideal for carers who do not have case management support, or for those who are having trouble identifying appropriate services.

Respite options

Facility based respite

Our facility based respite service offers a place for people with disability to stay while their carer takes a break.

Learn more about our facility based respite service.

Family based respite / Yooralla's Family Options program

Family based respite provides short-term breaks for children (6 to 12), with a volunteer family in their home. This service is run by Yooralla's Family Options Program.

Learn more about our family based respite service.

In-home respite

In-home respite provides the primary carer with time-out, providing specialist care within your home, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Learn more about our in-home respite service.

Recreational respite

Recreational respite provides a broad range of activities to people of all ages - activities may be fun, adventurous or relaxing.

Learn more about our recreational respite service.

Ventilator Accommodation Support Service

Yooralla provides specialist respite support to people who are chronically dependent on mechanical ventilation.

Learn more about our Ventilator Accomodation Support Service.

Respite information

Our respite information services support people with disability, their families and carers by providing up to date information about respite options in their local area.

Access respite information



Download: Respite factsheet (PDF, 172kb) 176kb Respite-2pp_Web.pdf


Download: Respite factsheet (Word, 382kb) 392kb Respite_Accessible-word.docx

Breakaway Flexible Respite


Download: Breakaway Flexible Respite application form (PDF, 147kb) 151kb Breakaway-Flexible-Respite-Application-form-2016.docx.pdf


Download: Breakaway Flexible Respite application form (Word, 165kb) 168kb Breakaway-Flexible-Respite-Application-form-2016.docx.doc


Download: Breakaway Flexible Respite Guidelines (PDF, 719kb) 736kb Yooralla-Breakaway-Guidlines-July-2015.pdf


Download: Breakaway Flexible Respite Guidelines (Word, 525kb) 536kb Yooralla-Breakaway-Guidlines-July-2015.docx

Respite Service Coordination


Download: Respite Coordination Referral Form (PDF, 380kb) 81kb Form-RSC-01-Referral-Form-R7.pdf


Download: Respite Coordination Referral Form (Word, 176kb) 181kb Form-RSC-01-Referral-Form-R7.doc

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To find out more about our Respite services, please contact us:
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