Customer wellbeing & safeguards

At Yooralla, we are committed to providing safety, quality and wellbeing to every person who uses our services.

We seek to ensure the human rights of all people with disability who use our services are upheld in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Yooralla’s Quality, Innovations & Safeguards (QIS) unit has responsibility for developing, leading and coordinating the quality, safeguards and empowerment models of support across the organisation.

The QIS unit aims to ensure Yooralla prioritises:

  • upholding the rights of people to be free from abuse
  • preventing and reducing incidents of abuse
  • improving outcomes for individuals.

How we're upholding safeguards

In all our work, our values are at the centre of everything we do. As such, we apply our strong customer-focus, courage, authenticity, accountability, respect and passion to upholding our safeguards.

We have undertaken an extensive program to unearth instances of abuse and to embed a safeguards and rights framework within Yooralla.

View Yooralla's policies in regards to customer wellbeing and safeguards, staff employment and conduct, and business operations.

The 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey followed previous surveys conducted by Yooralla in 2015, 2016 and 2017, however unlike the earlier surveys, where a sample of customers was chosen at random, in 2019 all customers who receive residential support services or who attend a community hub were invited to complete the survey.
The 2019 survey showed that:

  • 94% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the services they receive from Yooralla.
  • 94% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that "staff understand my needs".
  • 92% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that "staff help me work towards my goals."
  • 88% of respondents agreed with the statement that "staff tell me about changes that are happening with the services I use".
  • 95% of respondents agreed with the statement that "staff explain things to me clearly".

Please view the full report (Download, Word 866kb) on the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey findings and how they compare to previous surveys.

Customer Feedback and Complaints Annual Analysis Report

Yooralla is an organisation that seeks to identify opportunities for improvement and strives for continuous quality improvements. Yooralla views feedback and complaints as an important component to inform areas of focus. Feedback covers complaints, compliments, suggestions and reports from Community Visitors.

Our feedback data analysis and actions stemming from feedback is presented to the Service Delivery and Quality Committee and Board every two months. An annual analysis is performed to identify trends in the nature of feedback, monitor organisational performance in the management of feedback, and review the implications of feedback on the quality of service that Yooralla provides. We are pleased to share the annual report of our feedback and complaints and we will continue to focus on improving our services through this information.

Yooralla encourages people to provide feedback. Feedback is received from a variety of channels – the Your Yooralla Experience online form, email, telephone, letter, and face-to-face interactions. All feedback has been recorded on our RiskMan system since 2015.


Download: Feedback and Complaints Annual Analytics Report July 2017 - June 2018 (PDF, 1.2mb) 1278kb FY17-18_-Annual-Feedback-Report_Finalv2.pdf

Yooralla Service Review

Between February – July 2015, international audit and advisory firm, KPMG, conducted a Funded Organisation Service Review of Yooralla, on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in relation to the disability services that the department funds.

The review’s focus was on safety and quality in Yooralla’s services provision, as well as the management and governance systems that ensures that provision.

The review examined whether or not Yooralla’s policies, procedures and practices were appropriate, and if they were being consistently applied. Also examined were the ways in which senior leadership and management provided direct oversight and drove corrective intervention as required, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers.

The resulting report found that Yooralla was delivering better and safer outcomes for customers. According to findings, real and significant changes had been made within Yooralla, including major enhancements to work practices.

It was also noted that improved recruitment and training continued across the organisation to ensure better care and reduce risk, combined with more stringent checks and balances, and that staff and customers were encouraged to join the customer improvement process.

The report’s positive findings are a firm reflection of the organisations commitment to its mission: to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights, in turn creating opportunities and empowering individuals to live the life they choose.Learn more about the Yooralla Service Review.

The Joyce Report 2012

Yooralla’s Client Wellbeing & Safeguards Action Plan was established in 2012 in response to The Joyce Report 2012, which followed a review of Yooralla’s management of allegations of assault.

Learn more about the Joyce Report 2012.

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