At Yooralla, we are committed to providing safety, quality and wellbeing to every person who uses our services.

Yooralla has a comprehensive set of policies established to uphold the wellbeing and safeguards of people with disability.

Customer wellbeing & safeguards policies


Download: Child Safety Policy (Word, 128.7kb) 132kb Child-Safety-Policy.docx


Download: Choice and Advocacy Policy (Word, 131kb) 135kb Choice-and-Advocacy-Policy.docx


Download: Clinical Governance Policy (Word, 131kb) 122kb Clinical-Governance-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Charter of Rights and Responsibilities (Word, 56kb) 57kb Customer-Charter-of-Rights-and-Responsibilities-A4.docx


Download: Customer Engagement and Participation Policy (Word, 74kb) 68kb Customer-Engagement-and-Participation-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy (Word, 211.5kb) 217kb Customer-Feedback-and-Complaints-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Personal Relationships Sexuality and Sexual Health Policy (Word, 128kb) 132kb Customer-Personal-Relationships-Sexuality-and-Sexual-Health-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Related Plans Policy (Word, 139kb) 124kb Customer-Related-Plans-Policy.docx


Download: Disability Workers Exclusion Scheme Policy (Word, 88kb) 75kb Disability-Workers-Exclusion-Scheme-Policy.1.docx


Download: Diversity Policy (Word, 127kb) 119kb Diversity-Policy.docx


Download: Guardianship Administration Decision Making and Consent Policy (PDF, 93kb) 85kb Guardianship-Administration-Decision-Making-and-Consent-Policy-23072018.docx


Download: Human Rights Policy (Word, 132kb) 136kb Human-Rights-Policy.docx


Download: Management of Customer Incidents Policy (Word, 91kb) 81kb Management-of-Customer-Incidents-Policy_040418.docx


Download: Privacy Policy (Word, 97kb) 99kb Privacy-Policy-070218-PI.DOCX


Download: Open Disclosure Policy (Word, 84.8kb) 87kb Open-Disclosure-Policy.docx


Download: Positive Behaviour Support and Restrictive Interventions Policy (Word, 79.6kb) 82kb Positive-Behaviour-Support-Restrictive-Interventions-Policy.docx


Download: Quality and Customer Empowerment Policy (Word, 78kb) 80kb Quality-and-Customer-Empowerment-Policy_Nov-2017.docx


Download: Recognising and Responding to Changing Support Needs Policy (Word, 82kb) 84kb Recognising-and-Responding-to-Changing-Suppport-Needs-Policy.docx

Staff employment & conduct policies


Download: Code of Conduct Policy (Word, 72kb) 75kb Code-of-Conduct-Policy_20180808.docx


Download: Police Record Check (Word, 134kb) 137kb Police-Record-Check-Policy.docx


Download: Prevention of Fraud and Corruption Policy (Word, 131kb) 134kb Prevention-of-Fraud-and-Corruption-Policy_Nov-2017.docx


Download: Staff Conduct - Customer Relationships and Sexual Behaviour (Word, 81kb) 83kb Staff-Conduct-Customer-Relationships-and-Sexual-Behaviour-Policy_Nov-2....docx


Download: Whistleblower Policy (Word, 92kb) 94kb Whistleblower-Policy-Nov-2017.docx


Download: Working with Children Check Policy (Word, 90kb) 93kb Working-with-Children-Check-Policy-Nov-2017.docx

Business operations policies


Download: NDIS and Managing Conflict of Interest Policy (WORD, 72.3kb) 75kb NDIS-and-Managing-Conflict-of-Interest-Policy.docx


Download: Accounts Receivable Policy (Word, 73kb) 74kb Accounts-Receivable-Policy-Nov-2017.docx


Download: Compliance Policy (Word, 72.1kb) 74kb Compliance-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Funds Policy (Word, 112kb) 115kb Customer-Funds-Policy-Nov-2017.docx


Download: Customer Valuables Policy (Word, 112kb) 115kb Customer-Valuables-Policy-Nov-2017.docx


Download: Research Policy (Word, 129kb) 132kb Research-Policy_Nov-2017.docx


Download: Residential Charges Policy (Word, 116kb) 119kb Residential-Charges-Policy_Nov-2017.docx


Download: Risk Management Policy (Word, 183kb) 178kb Risk-Management-Policy.docx

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