Customer feedback and complaints

Yooralla continuously seeks to identify opportunities to improve. We take seriously feedback from customers, their families and carers, our staff and external stakeholders.

Yooralla undertakes three forms of ongoing service quality review:

  1. Receiving feedback: Analysis on feedback we receive as complaints, suggestions, compliments and Community Visitor reports.
  2. Seeking feedback: Actively seeking the views of customers, their families and carers, on our service delivery through surveys.
  3. Engaging with customer representatives through Yooralla's Community Partnership Advisory Committee.

Receiving feedback

Yooralla receives feedback via a variety of channels, including:

Analysis of feedback is presented to Yooralla’s Board, and its Service Delivery and Quality Committee (a sub-committee of the Board) bi-monthly. In addition, an Annual Report is developed to:

  • Identify trends of complaints, suggestions, compliments, and from Community Visitor reports.
  • Monitor performance in responding to and acting on feedback.
  • Review the feedback provided to enhance the quality of our services.

Download: Feedback and Complaints Annual Analytics Report July 2017 - June 2018 (PDF, 1.2mb) 1278kb FY17-18_-Annual-Feedback-Report_Finalv2.pdf

Seeking feedback

Yooralla also actively seeks feedback from customers through our Customer Satisfaction Survey to gain their views on the quality of our service delivery. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey is available for customers in hard copy, online and in Easy English. We undertake these surveys every 18 months.

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