How we safeguard people with disability today

Customers are at the centre of what we do at Yooralla. As part of our ongoing safeguarding actions, that build on our journey of change, we continue to focus on the prevention and elimination of abuse.

This approach is applied in every part of Yooralla – from how we support our customers, to how we recruit and train our staff, to our engagement with the community.

Working with customers

Every day we apply a person-centred approach to supporting customers to live the life they choose. This is reflected in the following initiatives:

Culture of safeguarding

Our customers’ rights, needs and voice are central to our values and culture. We have implemented the following programs to ensure Yooralla and its staff uphold these values:

  • We have a transparent culture where concerns can be raised without fear of reprisal. This is supported by our suite of policies, which are regularly communicated to staff and reiterated in training.
  • Our recruitment processes are designed to attract the highest quality of staff, with a strong focus on safeguarding compliance. We undertake psychometric profiling of prospective direct support employees.
  • We continue to roll out training material to staff reflecting the latest developments in best practice around safeguards. Read more about our staff safeguarding training.
  • We continue to meet all the requirements of national and state disability compliance and maintain full compliance with all relevant disability services standards.
  • RiskMan, our online information risk management system, captures every incident (from minor to major) in Yooralla.

Working with the community

  • Yooralla works with external advocacy groups, such as VALID, to deliver programs about speaking up.
  • Our therapy teams have partnered with Public Transport Victoria to improve transport access for people with disability.
  • We are delivering support services in inclusive settings to support our customers achieve their goals. This is exemplified in how Yooralla supported Jean Marie to be independent.

Continuous improvements

  • We closely track and report on feedback we receive from customers, their families and carers, our staff and the community, and seek feedback through regular customer surveys.

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