Our customer-centric approach underpins our comprehensive suite of policies. Our policies focus on upholding the rights and safeguards of the people with disability who use our services, supported by clear processes and reiterated through our ongoing staff training.

Customer well-being and safeguards policies

Our customer well-being and safeguards policies cover a wide range of matters from preventing and responding to abuse, to protecting customer privacy, positive behaviour support and restrictive practices, through to our Customer Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. These are also available in Easy English for people with limited literacy.

Yooralla has a whistle-blower policy so that people are able to report alleged improper or corrupt conduct in relation to any aspect of Yooralla’s services, without fear of reprisal.


Download: Child Safety Policy (Word, 128.6kb) 132kb Child-Safety-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Choice and Advocacy Policy (Word, 134kb) 137kb Choice-and-Advocacy-Policy.docx


Download: Clinical Governance Policy (Word, 118.9kb) 122kb Clinical-Governance-Policy_190926.docx


Download: Customer Charter of Rights and Responsibilities (Word, 56kb) 57kb Customer-Charter-of-Rights-and-Responsibilities-A4.docx


Download: Customer Charter of Rights and Responsibilities - Easy English (Word, 3MB) 3197kb Customer-Charter-of-Rights-and-Responsibilities-Easy-English.docx


Download: Customer Engagement and Participation Policy (Word, 67.1kb) 70kb Customer-Engagement-and-Participation-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy (Word, 213.1kb) 220kb Customer-Feedback-and-Complaints-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Personal Relationships Sexuality and Sexual Health Policy (Word, 130kb) 134kb Customer-Personal-Relationships-Sexuality-and-Sexual-Health-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Related Plans Policy (Word, 121.9kb) 128kb Customer-Related-Plans-Policy.docx


Download: Disability Workers Exclusion Scheme Policy (Word, 74kb) 76kb Disability-Workers-Exclusion-Scheme-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Diversity Policy (Word, 116.1kb) 119kb Diversity-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Guardianship Administration Decision Making and Consent Policy (PDF, 83.7kb) 86kb Guardianship-Administration-Decision-Making-and-Consent-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Human Rights Policy (Word, 132.8kb) 137kb Human-Rights-Policy_20190325.docx


Download: Management of Customer Incidents Policy (Word, 82kb) 84kb Management-of-Customer-Incidents-Policy.docx


Download: Preventing and Responding to Abuse and Neglect (Word, 54.9kb) 57kb Preventing-and-Responding-to-Abuse-and-Neglect_20190211_.docx


Download: Privacy Policy (Word, 97kb) 93kb Privacy-Policy.docx


Download: Privacy Statement (Word, 106kb) 106kb Privacy-Statement.docx


Download: Open Disclosure Policy (Word, 86.9kb) 91kb Open-Disclosure-Policy.docx


Download: Positive Behaviour Support and Restrictive Interventions Policy (Word, 82.1kb) 85kb Positive-Behaviour-Support-and-Restrictive-Interventions-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Quality and Customer Empowerment Policy (Word, 72.4kb) 75kb Quality-and-Customer-Empowerment-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Recognising and Responding to Changing Support Needs Policy (Word, 73.5kb) 75kb Recognising-and-Responding-to-Changing-Suppport-Needs-Policy.docx

Staff employment and conduct policies

Our staff employment and conduct policies seek to ensure that our staff support and empower people with disability. The policies provide clear direction on respectful relationships with customers. The policies also include the extensive screening process that Yooralla undertakes for all new and existing staff members including police checks.


Download: Code of Conduct Policy (Word, 74.7kb) 76kb Code-of-Conduct-Policy_190926.docx


Download: Disqualified Carer Check Policy (Word, 75.7KB) 80kb Disqualified-Carer-Check-Policy.docx


Download: Police Record Check (Word, 123.8kb) 128kb Police-Record-Check-Policy.docx


Download: Prevention of Fraud and Corruption Policy (Word, 125.7kb) 129kb Prevention-of-Fraud-and-Corruption-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Employee Conduct - Customer Relationships and Sexual Behaviour (Word, 77kb) 75kb Employee-Conduct-Customer-Relationships-and-Sexual-Behaviour-Policy.docx


Download: Working with Children Check Policy (Word, 79.2kb) 82kb Working-with-Children-Check-Policy_0119.docx

Corporate Governance policies

Our business operations policies cover matters of conflict of interest, finance, research and risk management.


Download: NDIS and Managing Conflict of Interest Policy (WORD, 73.6kb) 76kb NDIS-and-Managing-Conflict-of-Interest-Policy_0119.docx


Download: Accounts Receivable Policy (Word, 69kb) 71kb Accounts-Receivable-Policy_201910.docx


Download: Compliance Policy (Word, 73.4kb) 75kb Compliance-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Funds Policy (Word, 108.2kb) 111kb Customer-Funds-Policy.docx


Download: Customer Valuables Policy (Word, 105.6kb) 109kb Customer-Valuables.docx


Download: Research Policy (Word, 118.4kb) 125kb Research-Policy.docx


Download: Residential Charges Policy (Word, 108.8kb) 112kb Residential-Charges-Policy.docx


Download: Risk Management Policy (Word, 174.5kb) 122kb Risk-Management-Policy.docx

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