Yooralla’s Community Partnership Advisory Committee

Yooralla’s Community Partnership Advisory Committee (YCPAC) meets five times a year to review various strategic and operational matters. It is comprised of customers, family representatives and carers.

Members are appointed for a two-year term. In addition, two members of Yooralla’s Board attend the meetings, along with Yooralla’s Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Executive.

Reporting to the Yooralla Board, YCPAC provides an opportunity for engagement with Yooralla customers when undertaking change. The input of the YCPAC strengthens decision making at Yooralla and provides valuable reviews of core business strategy and processes.

Some of the topics covered at the YCPAC meetings include:

  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme developments,
  • Service changes and developments to meet customer needs, and
  • Customer rights programs.

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