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The latest updates on our services and any temporary changes.

Our services are essential for the health and wellbeing of our customers and we will maintain them to the fullest extent possible in line with State Government directions. Where possible, we will offer alternatives such as online appointments.

As at 16 July 2021 – Services will operate as follows, subject to any further changes to State Government Care Directives:

  • Residential and Respite services will be unchanged. Visitors will not be permitted due to the Government regulations, and activities outside the home will be restricted. Where possible Yooralla staff will support residential customers with daily exercise.
  • Community Hubs will remain open but will revert back to the 4 square metre rule and therefore some will operate at reduced capacity. Additional safety measures will include:
    • Lunch taken outside where possible or staggered lunches
    • Staff to customer ratios close to 1:1
    • No external activities or venues
    • No group transport
  • Community Inclusion services will continue to be provided for urgent and essential supports. There will be no group activities.
  • Business Enterprises providing essential work will remain open and sites without essential work will close.
  • Kindergarten Inclusion Services (KIS) will continue on site in accordance with Government guidelines with PPE available for Additional Assistants. KIS Support Officers will conduct remote service and support visits only.
  • Support Coordination services will be provided via telehealth unless a home visit is deemed urgent and essential.
  • Allied Health and Positive Behaviour Support services will be provided for urgent and essential supports only, or via telehealth.
  • Respite services will remain open.
  • COVID-19 safety measures will be increased across all of our services including cleaning, temperature checking and the use of PPE such as masks.

Staying connected

Yooralla will continue to provide updated information via mail-outs, our website and through your local manager. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local manager if you have any questions.


If you have a specific question or need to speak to Yooralla directly, please contact us.

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