Yooralla Services

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff which has resulted in changes to some of our services and sites.

Yooralla staff and management continue to work closely with customers, families and carers and other service providers during this time.

Up to date information on current restrictions in Victoria is available on the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Yooralla’s response page on our website.

Resumption of services

A number of Yooralla's services have been suspended for health and safety reasons during the pandemic. Yooralla is currently reviewing the Government restrictions and guidelines and will provide an update on plans to resume services at the earliest opportunity.

Our service resumption will continue to be informed by ongoing changes to Government advice and restrictions, COVID-19 safety considerations, customer feedback and the capacity of our facilities and staff. This will result in changes to the way each service has previously operated with customer and staff safety paramount.

Residential accommodation, support coordination and Kindergarten Inclusion have all continued throughout with appropriate safety adjustments.

Safety measures

Safety measures that will be in place to support service resumption include:

  • Temperature checks for customers and staff;
  • Adequate supplies of hand sanitiser and other personal hygiene aids;
  • Enhanced safety signage;
  • Manual recording of contact details;
  • Additional cleaning arrangements; and
  • Limits on activities where physical distancing cannot be achieved.

Staying connected

Yooralla will continue to provide updated information via mail-outs, our website and through your local manager. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local manager if you have any questions.

Yooralla looks forward to resuming its services over time and urges you to remain safe and vigilant. Please consider the safety of yourself and others at all times as we work together towards full services resumption.


If you have a specific question or need to speak to Yooralla directly, please contact us.

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