Yooralla is committed to supporting our volunteers and valuing their contribution to the customers and the organisation.

Yooralla wants all volunteers to feel happy, safe and - most of all - feel that they are using their skills and experience to provide opportunities for others.

Yooralla volunteers are not expected to do the work of a paid employee, rather enhance the programs and activities with their passion and enthusiasm.

Why volunteer?

There are many reasons why people chose to volunteer.

  • To make a difference in people’s lives.
  • To promote personal growth and self-esteem.
  • You get a chance to contribute and strengthen the community.
  • To gain professional experience.
  • To learn and discover hidden talents and passions.

What can I do?

What are your strengths, skills and passions? Yooralla offers a large number of services to people with disability and you can volunteer across the organisastion.

Community Hubs & Supports

Yooralla has 16 hubs across Melbourne, where customers can meet new people, pursue their own interests or get out in the local community.

Some of the things we can support customers with include:

  • health and well-being: taking part in sports or exercise classes along learning about healthy eating
  • developing life skills: money management, public transport and technology training
  • leisure and recreation, and
  • developing job skills

Find out more about Yooralla's Community Hubs.


Do you like group activities, such as camps, workshops or courses? Volunteering with Yooralla's Recreation services is perfect if you have a passion for:

  • creating adventure
  • relaxation
  • fun, and
  • health and wellbeing through social and recreational activities.

Learn more about Recreation services at Yooralla.

Head office and administration

Do you have experience and skills in administration? Give back by helping with specific tasks in our offices.


Would you enjoy working with being engaged with a group of people with similar goals and interests in their home?

Activities would generally be run in the evening and include:

  • age appropriate book clubs
  • arts and crafts
  • cooking
  • writing club, and
  • mindfulness

Learn more about Accommodation services at Yooralla.


Would you like to help support individuals, families and carers with respite programs and activities? We work with all ages and provide facility and community based programs.

Learn more about Respite services at Yooralla.

How do I volunteer?

Fill out our expression of interest form and the Volunteer Engagement Manager will get back to you within 48 hours.

If  you already have an idea of where you would like to volunteer, and would like to get started, please fill in the form below. Once these are complete, email the forms to volunteers@yooralla.com.au.

Please note, Volunteering and Student Placement are very different. Your Volunteer hours do not go towards your VET practical component. If you are wishing to find a student placement please email VETStudent.Placement@yooralla.com.au

If you are enquiring about completing your Community Service Voluntary hours with us please clearly state this is your purpose so we can find an appropriate volunteer position for you.


Download: Volunteer Registration - Application Form (Word, 66.4kb) 68kb 2016_Volunteer-Registration-Application-Form.docx

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