Optimising support for people with disability through simulation training

Each individual is unique and so are their needs. People with disability need personalised support, and Yooralla’s support workers undertake tailored training that is specific to each person that they assist. However, at Yooralla, we are always looking for ways that we can enhance the quality of support provided to people with disability.

We believe that support workers could learn more effectively through immersive, hands-on training through simulation using an interactive mannequin first, rather than working immediately and directly with a person. As such, we are raising funds to develop a mobile Simulation Training Lab to train our over 1,100 Disability Support Workers.

We want people with disability to benefit from safe, high-quality support through continuous improvement. We would like to lessen or reduce lengths of hospital stays for those requiring high-acuity care with an increased availability of specialist staff who are able to manage people’s needs in our residential and respite sites and in their homes. We want to hone the skill and expertise of our staff in providing personalised support and build their competence, level of experience and confidence by providing them with immersive training through simulation with the use of interactive mannequins.

We know that the Simulation Training Lab will be a significant learning model for the disability sector and we also understand it has replicability for aged care—we will explore how we can share our learnings broadly so that your donation has the most impact.

We will work closely with our project partners, Austin Health and Ambulance Victoria, who will offer our training to their clinicians who work with our own staff.

You can contribute today to the development of Yooralla’s Simulation Training Lab and have a positive impact on support provided to people with disability.

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