School leavers

Yooralla can support the NDIS goals of school leavers with our wide range of tailored, flexible and quality services.

Whether a school leaver is interested in a job, study, volunteering, learning new skills, therapy to support independent living – or just having some fun – Yooralla can support them to plan what’s next after school finishes, and work with them to create a pathway to achieving their goals.

Yooralla has supported people with disability, of all ages and needs, for 100 years. We can help people navigate and make the most of the NDIS. We provide specialist supports for people with high and complex needs, and we have skilled, qualified staff.

Yooralla's services for school leavers

Yooralla's Learning Hub - Footscray

Yooralla’s Learning Hub, located in Footscray, is a place dedicated to learning and development. The Learning Hub offers a range of non-accredited training courses to support young people and adults with disability to:

  • use technology, including iPads and computers, for personal or work use
  • learn about volunteering and how to get involved in the community
  • build confidence to do things independently, including using public transport
  • understand how to manage money and read signs and documents
  • get out in the community and enjoy new experiences with friends.

The Learning Hub is one of Yooralla's Community Hubs, where people with disability can receive the support they need, meet new friends and get out in their local community, all while learning new skills.

Support to build job skills, including job skills training

Yooralla supports school leavers with disability to pursue their employment goals, through our Employability Program. We can tailor a job skills program to suit the needs and capabilities of the individual, and support them to transition into the job that is right for them.

The first stream of the Employability Program, Employability: Preparation for Work, is a two-year program specifically for school leavers and individuals who require intensive support. Job Ready is the next step up, for participants who have completed the Preparation for Work stream, or people who are at the supported employment level already.

Preparation for Work focuses on both education and practical training. In the first year, the school leaver will learn job skills in an education-based environment, and towards the end of the year they will transition into hands-on work experience. In the second year, Yooralla will support their continued development in a workplace, where they will be paid a training wage.

Getting a job

Yooralla supports school leavers with disability to build their job skills and transition into work experience through the Employability Program.

For school leavers who want to work straight away, Yooralla provides supported employment opportunities through Yooralla Business Enterprises. At these services, people can gain skills in manufacturing, packing and shipping of goods, catering, agriculture, horticulture and customer service.

Yooralla can also help school leavers to learn how to plan their activities at work, communicate with colleagues, learn about occupational health and safety (OH&S) and help them to become more productive and independent at work.

Learn Life Skills

Yooralla can support school leavers to build everyday life skills and learn new ones through our Life Skills program. By focusing on a person’s own specific goals, we can support them to master the skills they need to achieve greater independence. Our training focuses on practical skills, from handling money to travel training, meal preparation, using technology or literacy and numeracy.

Some of the most popular activities include:

  • computer skills
  • job skills and work experience
  • music therapy
  • swimming, and
  • gardening.

Life skills programs are available through Yooralla’s Community Hubs, which are great places to meet new friends and get out in the local community while learning new things.

Opportunities to socialise and have some fun

Yooralla specialises in providing Recreation services to people of all ages and disabilities. Activities can be fun, adventurous or relaxing; they can be group activities or they can support individual goals and pursuits; they may be day activities, a weekend camp, a week away or even longer.

Activities include:

  • outdoor activities like surfing, water skiing, snow skiing, scuba diving, fishing, golf, tennis, kayaking, viewing art, going to the movies, visiting a gallery or a museum.
  • spending a day at the footy, the markets or having night out with your friends after catching a local band in the city, and
  • travelling near and far, be it a weekend away or a few months on holidays, or
  • being creative and exploring different types of art including drawing, photography, painting and sculpture.

Yooralla’s Community Hubs and Supports provide day services to young people and adults with disability to support a range of lifestyle skills and to promote choice and independence. Support is planned to complement a person’s existing informal supports – such as family and friends – and to maximise their community participation opportunities.


Our therapists assist people with disability to develop daily living skills to become more independent at home, school, work and out in the community.

We can provide comprehensive assessments, as well as individual and group-based interventions to assist people to develop particular skills.

Our flexible and qualified team of experienced therapists can provide people with support across physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and psychology.

Yooralla’s Therapy service can support people to meet their individual goals and enhance their quality of life by:

  • supporting them to overcome communication barriers, we specialise in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • enhancing mobility and access to local communities by teaching people the skills they need to travel safely in the community
  • assessing and making recommendations for home and vehicle modifications for them to live more independently
  • enabling them to engage in everyday activities by developing skills in the areas they are interested in at work, home or in the community, and
  • developing social skills, forming meaningful relationships and actively participating in the community.
Short-term care (respite)

Yooralla provides tailored short-term accommodation (respite) experiences and the chance to take a break from the daily routine. We can provide support in people’s own homes, or in our purpose-built respite accommodation. With options for all ages, all our accommodation is fully accessible, fitted with appropriate assistive technologies and supported by highly trained and qualified staff. We can support people with complex health requirements, and health and safety is our highest priority.

Supported independent living (accommodation)

Yooralla provides many supported independent living accommodation options for adults with disability, from group style houses to individual accommodation in self-contained flats. With a strong commitment to customer wellbeing and safeguards, we can support people with daily personal activities and participation in community life.

Support with communication and movement

Yooralla’s Communication and Assistive Technology team provides services that can enhance lifestyle, independence and communication ability by providing information about, and access to, assistive technologies and equipment.

Support with behaviour of concern

Yooralla specialises in providing support to people with disability displaying behaviour of concern. Built on an evidence-based approach, our Positive Behaviour Support team focuses on increasing quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of behaviour of concern

Help to prepare before a NDIS planning meeting

Yooralla can help people with disability and their carers to prepare for their NDIS planning meeting in a free one-on-one session. We have also published a free guide to prepare for the NDIS.

Help to understand and implement a NDIS plan

Yooralla offers free one-on-one meetings once people receive their NDIS plan, to help them make the most of it. We have also produced a free guide to Implement your NDIS Plan to help people to understand and implement their NDIS plan and everything they need to do to make the most of the NDIS.

Support with daily living

Yooralla provides Assistance with Daily Living for people with disability. We provide one-on-one support, seven days a week, assisting people to live the life they choose. This can cover getting ready for their day, getting out and about in the community, enjoying social activities, or getting to work or an appointment.


Download: Leaving School factsheet (Word, 387kb) 368kb School_Leavers_Brochure_Accessible-word-2018.docx


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