What does the NDIS mean for children with Autism?

What happens with the NDIS if my child already receives funding for their autism?

If your child has a diagnosed disability or developmental delay, and is currently receiving funded disability support, then your child should automatically transition to the NDIS and you do not need to contact the NDIS. They will contact you. However, if you are unsure about whether this applies to your child, you can contact the NDIS up to six months before it is available in your local area.

Disability support funding programs for a child on the autism spectrum may include:

When a child gets the NDIS, any existing funding stops as soon as they get their new NDIS plan.

If your child is under seven years old and is receiving Better Start and HCWA funding, and no other funding such as ECIS, contact the NDIS or Early Childhood Partner at the time of NDIS roll out in your area to confirm if your child will automatically transition. Not all children who currently receive funding will transition to the NDIS automatically – a child could be deemed ineligible for a number of reasons.

If you child is eligible for the NDIS, read more about how to prepare for their planning meeting in Yooralla’s free guide to the NDIS for your child.

I think my child might have autism, what can I do?

If you think your child may be on the autism spectrum, you can get a referral from a medical professional for them to have an autism test at one of Yooralla’s Autism Assessment Clinics. Yooralla’s assessments can determine if children (over 2 and half years old) meet diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our Autism Assessment Clinics are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of a clinical psychologists and speech pathologists.

To get NDIS funding for your child’s autism, you will need to provide evidence of your child’s condition to the NDIS, so an autism diagnosis can support the NDIS access request.

If your child is diagnosed with autism, they may be eligible for NDIS funding. Yooralla can support you through the NDIS process, with comprehensive resources and free advice. Find out more about Yooralla’s supports for children with autism.

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