5 things to know about NDIS Service Agreements

Posted on 29 August 2017 by Yooralla

A key step in implementing your NDIS plan is selecting service providers and setting up Service Agreements with them, so the provider/s can start delivering your supports under the NDIS.

1. A Service Agreement is a contract between you and the service provider, which will outline how they will deliver the supports in your NDIS plan. You can change service providers at any time if you wish. You’ll just need to:

  • be aware of the terms of the cancellation with your current service provider, and
  • make a new Service Agreement with your new provider

2. You can choose one service provider to deliver all of your supports, or different providers for each of your supports. However, you will need a Service Agreement for each provider you choose. Yooralla is able to provide many types of supports, and this can be covered in one Service Agreement.

3. If you want to continue using your existing service provider, you will need to let them know that you have an approved NDIS plan, so they can set up a Service Agreement with you and your supports can continue under the NDIS.

4. Your NDIS plan starts (and is considered active) from the date the plan is approved – this date is listed on the front page of your plan. It is important that you progress through the steps required for you to start using your NDIS plan, including setting up Service Agreements, as soon as you receive your plan, so your supports can continue, even if you’re not happy with your plan. The reason for this is if you have existing funding (i.e. Individual Support Package - ISP) it will stop once your NDIS plan is approved.

5. Service Agreements will vary between different providers, but generally speaking they will describe what supports will be provided, what they cost, and how they will be paid for; relevant terms and conditions including what the service provider will ask of you and what they agree to; and what happens if you require additional supports later.

Want more information on Service Agreements and what else you need to do to implement your NDIS plan?

For more information on Service Agreements and the steps involved in implementing your NDIS plan, get Yooralla’s free guide to implement your NDIS plan or contact Yooralla Connect on ndis.infohub@yooralla.com.au or 9666 4500.

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