How do I develop goals for my child’s NDIS plan?

Posted on 12 February 2020 by Yooralla

If your child has developmental delay or a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning process is important for your child to get a NDIS plan. Your child’s NDIS plan will outline the funding they will receive for their supports under the NDIS.

The funding will be determined based on their goals, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the conversation about your child’s goals, their life and their needs, by the time their NDIS planning meeting comes along. A good way to develop goals is to think about what’s important to your child’s development. This could include for your child to:

  • improve their communication
  • improve coordination and muscle control, or
  • access community activities.

Alternatively, you could think about the support your child receives now (for example, speech therapy, occupational therapy) and develop your child’s goals from there.

A practical example of goal setting

Think about what’s important for your child’s development. We’ll use an example of Sally to demonstrate how you might set your child’s goals.

1. What’s important for Sally’s development?

It is important for Sally to:

  • be able to walk, and
  • make friends.

2. Then you can work out your goals for Sally.

Sally’s goals are:

  • to walk independently so she can keep up with her peers at school and in the playground, and
  • to regulate her emotions so she can make friends and play with her siblings.

3. So the supports Sally may need to achieve these goals might cover the following:

Sally needs a:

  • physiotherapist to work on strength and coordination
  • special walking frame
  • psychologist to provide help with managing feelings and emotional regulation, and
  • social skills group run by a speech pathologist.

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