How do I prepare for my child’s NDIS planning meeting?

Posted on 12 February 2020 by Yooralla

To make the most of the NDIS for your child it helps to be prepared for your child’s NDIS planning meeting.

This means you need be ready to describe what support your child receives now and think about any areas of additional support that would benefit your child and family.

We suggest you start by thinking about the following:

  • What does your child do each day; in the morning, afternoon, evening and night?
  • What community and mainstream supports does your child currently access?
  • What informal supports (family, other carers) does your child currently access?
  • What supports would you like in addition to those you’re already receiving and how would they make a difference to your child and family?

Importantly, what goals do you have for your child, to assist them to live an ordinary life? Goals are the basis of your child’s NDIS plan, and supports will only be funded if they help your child to meet these goals. So it is worthwhile preparing these before your child’s planning meeting.

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