What should I expect in a NDIS Service Agreement?

Posted on 05 December 2017 by Yooralla

Once you’ve received your approved NDIS plan and chosen your preferred service provider/s, you need to sign a Service Agreement (a contract) with each provider you choose, to ensure your supports continue under the NDIS.

You need to sign a Service Agreement even if you want to continue using your existing service provider.

Service Agreements will vary between different providers, however here are key headings you may find in a Service Agreement:

  • your details
  • service provider details
  • what supports will be provided
  • what happens if you require additional supports
  • schedule of supports – what the service provider will provide and what it costs
  • agreement for the service provider to make service bookings for you
  • what the service provider agrees to
  • what the service provider will ask of you, or your authorised representative (i.e. if you can’t make an appointment)
  • cancellation or change of a support
  • reviews of your support arrangements
  • how to end the agreement
  • your contact person at the service provider
  • how will your supports be paid for
  • out-of-pocket charges associated with your supports, and
  • signatures of you and the service provider.

If there is anything you don’t understand about your Service Agreement, contact your service provider.

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