What will happen in my child’s NDIS planning meeting?

Posted on 20 December 2017 by Yooralla

A National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning meeting is held so your child can get a NDIS Plan. A NDIS plan is a document that is based on your child’s goals and describes the funded supports your child will receive from the NDIS.

A NDIS representative (Early Childhood Partner, Local Area Coordinator or NDIS Planner) will work with you and your child to create a NDIS plan. They will develop the plan after asking questions about your child’s life at a NDIS planning meeting.

Things you may need to talk about at your child’s planning meeting include:

  • the support your child gets from family, friends, mainstream providers (i.e. kindergarten, childcare, school) and community activities or service providers you use.
  • how well this support works for your child and your family.
  • how your child usually manages daily activities and how much support you think they need for certain tasks.
  • your child’s needs and goals.

What information should I take to the planning meeting?

It is worthwhile gathering information about your child and taking it to their planning meeting. Information can include:

  • any reports from doctors or therapists
  • any existing health care plans
  • details about current funding (i.e. ECIS – Early Childhood Intervention Services), and
  • information about the things you’d like for your child to do.

The information you provide to the planner will assist them with evidence for future supports.

Something that both you and the planner may find useful, is if you complete and bring along a daily, weekly and occasional activity planner for your child. Yooralla’s activity planner and other useful information is available in Yooralla’s free guide to the NDIS for your child.

Can I bring someone else to the planning meeting?

Yes. You can have family, friends or a service provider come to your child’s planning meeting. Some people take their child to these meetings, but it’s up to you.

What will I be asked about managing the funds in my child’s plan?

At your planning meeting, you will be asked how you would like your child’s NDIS plan to be managed. This means how you want your child’s service providers and supports to be paid.

The NDIS representative will work with you to decide how you manage your child’s plan, which can be:

  • the NDIS (known as agency managed)– the NDIS will make payments directly to providers on your child’s behalf and will manage the money in your child’s NDIS plan
  • yourself (known as self-managing) – where you manage your child’s NDIS funds and pay the service providers and keep your own records
  • a financial intermediary – which is also known as a plan management agency, or
  • a combination of the above options.

Whatever option you choose, the NDIS can support you to make arrangements and set up the processes.

The NDIS is a big change for everyone, so it’s a good idea to get ready before it starts to roll out in your area. To make the most of your child’s NDIS planning meeting, you need to be prepared. Yooralla’s easy to follow free guide to the NDIS for your child can support families with children who have developmental delay or disability to prepare for NDIS.

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