How much funding will I get under the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s new way of providing disability support, but how much support will participants receive?

One of the first concepts many people need to adapt to when transitioning into the NDIS is a shift from thinking about dollars first, then considering the supports they can get with those dollars.

Under the NDIS, funding isn’t the starting point – individual needs and goals are.

People who have accessed other funding sources previously, such as through the disability support register (DSR), will be accustomed to receiving a set amount of funding from which they can access the support they require.

That is no longer the case.

Under the NDIS, participants develop a plan (their NDIS plan) based on their personal needs and goals related to their disability, from which they can include funding for reasonable and necessary support and services in their plan.

The NDIS is a big change for everyone, so it’s a good idea to get ready before it starts to roll out in your area. You will have a planning meeting where you will discuss your NDIS plan with your planner. To make the most of your NDIS planning meeting, you need to be prepared.

Yooralla’s free NDIS preparation guide can help you understand the NDIS planning process and prepare for your planning meeting.

“Do people get less funding under the NDIS?”

One thing some participants may note is that their funding package under the NDIS is different to the amount they received previously – however direct dollar comparisons are not always an accurate reflection of the level of support an individual is receiving under the NDIS.

The NDIS works with set unit costs within a price guide . A service provider cannot charge in excess of the set unit costs for services. So under the NDIS a participant may be receiving the same hours and type of support, but because it is funded at a different rate, their overall funding amount will be different.

“Will I continue receiving the same amount of support as I get now?”

Under the NDIS, there are rules in place to ensure continuity of support. The rules state that no participant will be worse off when they transition to the scheme.

The best way to ensure that your plan includes everything you get now is to start preparing early. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but start taking note of all the supports you receive – take photos with your phone, write things down on sticky notes, collect paperwork in a folder. By having this information ready, you’ll be well positioned for your planning meeting to talk about all your needs and make sure that they are part of your plan.

Making the most of the NDIS

Yooralla's free NDIS preparation guide can support you to prepare and plan for the NDIS, which can help you to identify the supports, services and activities that are important to you.

Yooralla's Community Engagement team can also support you through every stage of your NDIS journey, with free, one-on-one discussions. Book now, or contact the Community Engagement team on 03 9666 4500 or

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