What is the NDIS?

Posted on 02 May 2017 by Yooralla

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Learn why disability support is changing and what is different.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to change the way we view disability related support. It will uphold the right of every citizen to be able to do the things they want to do every day.

Here are five of the basic principles of the NDIS.

1. Everyone has the right to an ordinary life

The NDIS is about ensuring people with disability have access to the same opportunities as anyone else. The NDIS sees disability support is an entitlement and acknowledges the right of every Australian to an ‘ordinary life’.

For many people with disability, an ordinary life means having the support they need to take part in everyday activities – getting up and ready in the morning, going to work or studying, catching up with family and friends, whatever is important to them.

2. Everyone has the right to make choices and be in control of their lives

The NDIS is about choice and control. A participant works with the NDIS to identify the disability related support they need to work towards their goals. For example, perhaps you’ve always wanted to study but need some disability related support on campus, accessing facilities or eating. While the NDIS won’t cover your study costs, they could fund a support worker to be with you on campus to support your personal care needs.

People accessing support from the NDIS can also:

  • review their NDIS plan earlier than the one year review period if their circumstances change
  • choose how their plan will be managed
  • choose which provider or providers they will buy support and services from, and
  • have an individual Service Agreement with each provider they choose.

3. Everyone has the right to individualised support

Before the NDIS, the government provided funding directly to service providers. Individuals were not involved in discussions about how services and support would be delivered.

Under the NDIS, every individual identifies their own needs and goals, and funding is provided directly to them to choose their supports and services.

4. Everyone has a right to choose who delivers their services

Imagine going into a supermarket and seeing just one product on every shelf – that’s the experience people with disability have had when it comes to funding and support.

The NDIS puts people with disability in the driving seat as consumers who can choose their own supports and service providers.

This is an exciting change providing an open market for people to choose from.

5. The NDIS will benefit everyone

The NDIS will create positive outcomes for the whole community. It will create greater freedom, choice and participation for people with disability and their families. It will assist more people to learn a skill, re-enter the workforce and just do the things they enjoy doing.

The NDIS is also a safety net for everyone – so if you or someone you care about acquires a permanent disability they will receive the support they need.

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