Yooralla welcomes findings of KPMG report

DATE: 30 September 2015

Yooralla welcomed the findings of the KPMG report, released today, that showed that it is delivering better and safer outcomes for customers.

In the period February – July 2015, international audit and advisory firm, KPMG, conducted a review on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services that focused on the safety and quality of Yooralla’s service provision.

The review and report found that there had been real and significant change to work practices within Yooralla.

It noted that staff recruitment and training had been enhanced to facilitate better care and reduce risk, that there were more stringent checks and balances in place and that staff and customers were supported to participate in the implementation of the changed practices.

Yooralla’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Sherene Devanesen said that KPMG recognised that Yooralla had implemented a range of systems and processes and had achieved a level of maturity that was consistent with those expected in high performing organisations.

In particular, the report stated that Yooralla presents as:

  • having systems and processes that are focused on the delivery of safe and quality services for customers;
  • having a progressively emerging service culture that is increasingly placing the customer at the centre of service provision; and
  • being appropriately managed by its Board and management.

The report also made suggestions for further strengthening some of Yooralla’s practices that included:

  • continuing to work on communication with customers and families to ensure their voice is brought into the organisation for strategy formation and service improvement;
  • setting clear and consistent expectation regarding access to information, services and feedback; and
  • enhancing customer planning and goal setting and communication in response to complaints.

Yooralla will review and act on these areas for improvement.

KPMG noted that Yooralla was already addressing many of these areas through a new complaints and feedback system, the establishment of the Board’s new Community Partnership Advisory Committee, the creation of localised advocacy bodies, the ongoing roll out of training that focuses on customer rights and empowerment, communication styles, and customer and family engagement.

Yooralla will vigilantly monitor outcomes and endeavour to maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

The review involved the collection of a range of information from Yooralla customers and staff.

The full report is available on Yooralla’s website, along with an Easy English summary, a video summary.


Download: Yooralla welcomes findings of KPMG Report 30.9.15 (PDF, 55kb) 56kb Media-Release-Yooralla-welcomes-findings-of-KPMG-Report-PDF,-55kb.pdf


Download: Yooralla welcomes findings of KPMG Report 30.9.15 (Word, 38kb) 39kb Media-Release-Yooralla-welcomes-findings-of-KPMG-Report-Word,-38kb.docx


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