Yooralla brings NDIS plan to life

DATE: 16 February 2017

Yooralla brings NDIS plan to life

Tom likes to swim and spend time at his local park, but until recently, was experiencing some difficulty participating in the activities he enjoys so much.

Tom likes to swim and spend time at his local park, but until recently, was experiencing some difficulty participating in the activities he enjoys so much.

Tom has a physical and intellectual disability, is legally blind and also has epilepsy. But according to his mother, Lesley, with funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a plan coordinated and supported by Yooralla, Tom is now up and out of the house every week, participating in activities that previously seemed impossible.  

Tom started using services from Yooralla following the roll-out of the NDIS across the North Eastern Melbourne area last year.

“Tom is nearly 36, and up until now it’s been such an effort trying to get him to do anything,’’ says Lesley.  

“Before the NDIS and Yooralla, we were receiving a little bit of support from the local council who would send someone to our house every so often to sit with him for a few hours. But now he has NDIS funding and on-going support from Yooralla, he’s actually going out every Wednesday for about three hours to either the park, the pub or somewhere else local to get lunch and hang out’’.

Lesley is especially pleased with the support workers who come to see Tom each week. “They’ve been great because they’re willing to try lots of new things and introduce them to Tom. It’s all about introducing new things to Tom and seeing what he likes doing,’’ says Lesley.  

“Previously he wasn’t participating in anything, and now, with support from Yooralla, we’re hoping to get Tom into swimming on Wednesdays too,” she said.

When it came to the NDIS roll-out in their area, Lesley thought that her job in the community services sector would have prepared slightly more than other people.  However, she still felt the transition was fast and she required more detailed information.

“We called up Yooralla’s Community Engagement Team and they were very helpful. They answered all our questions and gave us lots of information - and that’s why we went with Yooralla. From our very first contact with them, all the way through to engaging a support coordinator, they’ve been extremely helpful,” says Lesley.  

“My daughter and I discussed a lot of things before we were contacted by the Nationally Disability Insurance Agency for a planning meeting,” says Lesley, “and one of those things was our desire to choose Yooralla’’.  

Lesley says that the support from Yooralla has helped make it a smooth transition to the NDIS, and turned what could have been a frightening experience, into a really positive one for Tom and his family.

Yooralla will be holding free information forums about the NDIS at Yarra Ranges and Knox City Council. Visit the Yooralla website to register.  

If you want more information about the NDIS and need assistance, get in touch with Yooralla’s Community Engagement Team via email or on (03) 9666 4500.

If you have an NDIS plan and would like to know more about how Yooralla can support you, contact our intake team on 1800 966 725 or intake@yooralla.com.au.

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