Understanding your NDIS plan

DATE: 26 April 2018

Understanding your NDIS plan

To support you with implementing your NDIS plan, we've outlined the three key things that make up a NDIS plan, the supports that may be involved and how to use it.

Understanding your NDIS plan

When you receive your approved NDIS plan, it’s important that it makes sense to you. Here’s some information that may help you.

The key things in a NDIS plan

Your NDIS plan will have three main parts:

Part 1: About me This describes where you live, the people who support you and your daily life.

Part 2: My goals - This lists the goals you want to work towards in the next 12 months, as well as longer-term goals.

Part 3: My supports - This section describes your:

  • supports from family and friends (informal supports)
  • mainstream supports (i.e. doctors), and
  • funded supports (what the NDIS will pay for). This section describes the support area, the budgeted amount, details and how the supports will be paid.

At your NDIS planning meeting you would have been asked how you would like your plan to be managed. This means how you want your service providers and supports to be paid. Your plan will detail how you wanted each support to be paid for.

Understanding the supports in your plan

Depending on your goals, the funding in your NDIS plan may include:

  • Core funding – funding that covers your functional support needs for daily living and participation, and to access community supports and activities.
  • Capital funding – funding that covers the purchase of one-off items such as equipment, technology or modifications. It also includes funding for specialist disability accommodation.
  • Capacity funding – funding that supports skill building, training, learning, capacity building, accessing employment, improving health and wellbeing, and support coordination.

Using your new NDIS plan

Your plan starts (and is considered active) from the date the plan is approved – this date is listed on the front page of your plan.

It is important that you start implementing your NDIS plan as soon as you receive it, so your supports can continue, even if you’re not happy with your plan. The reason for this is if you have existing funding (i.e. Individual Support Package - ISP), it will stop once your NDIS plan is approved.

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