World Physiotherapy Day

DATE: 8 September 2020

World Physiotherapy Day

Our Physiotherapists work with people with disability to support their respiratory function, through both positioning and assistive technology.

Tuesday 8 September marks World Physiotherapy Day, which recognises the important and trusted role physiotherapists play in the community, to improve the health of their customers.

Yooralla’s Physiotherapists have played a vital role in supporting people effected by severe illness, notably during the Polio epidemic in the late 1940’s - where they supported the recovery of children.

Physiotherapists have also been working tirelessly during the present-day pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), supporting people who have been severely impacted by the virus with health impacts such as shortness of breath, fluid on the lungs and whittled away muscles, among many others. Read more here.

Fittingly, the theme for World Physiotherapy Day in 2020 is ‘rehabilitation after severe respiratory illness’, of which Yooralla physiotherapists experience through their work with the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Our Physiotherapists work with people with disability to support their respiratory function, through both positioning and assistive technology.

Anne-Marie Dickinson, a Yooralla physio, explains that our physiotherapists “look at the 24-hour positioning of the customers, to maximise respiratory function through positioning and assistive technology (AT).”

“We look to make sure that people with disability are supported really well in wheelchairs, for example - sitting upright to assist with respiratory function.”

“Other ways to further support respiratory function is by prescribing the use of standing frames wherever possible and also by looking at the customers bed, to ensure they are properly supported and positioned overnight.”

Despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are continuing to support people with disability with physiotherapy.

“We are doing some sessions via Zoom, similar to Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, where we go through activities and guide parents with children,” Anne-Marie says.

“We are still doing some home visits, particularly with prescribing and delivering equipment and assistive technology after we have completed the AT application, but ensuring we are in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).”

Our Physiotherapy team have also been providing support to residential services during this time, supporting with tasks such as manual handling.

By providing high-quality physiotherapy services to people with disability, we are supporting them to maximise their functional capacity.

“We look at the holistic view of someone’s life and try to support them to develop their mobility and gross motor skills, focusing on the three F’s – Fun, Fitness and Function,” says Anne-Marie.

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