Melbourne tram accessibility

DATE: 25 June 2015



There has long been discussion about how and when Melbourne's iconic tram network will become fully accessible.

Low floor trams and raised tram stops are essential for wheelchair users and people unable to climb steps to have any access. 

Key facts

  • Only 24% of trams across the entire Melbourne network are low-floor, accessible trams. In contrast, all metropolitan trains are wheelchair-accessible. ​
  • 22% of all tram stops are classed as accessible, where platforms are raised. 
  • The majority of all Melbourne trams, routes, and stops are inaccessibile. This will remain so for many more years as only 52 additional trams have been ordered to date​​.

Technical notes

Data sourced from the Public Transport Victoria. See the PTV website for details. 

Data also sourced from VICSIG. See the VICSIG website for details.


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