Access to health checks

DATE: 17 December 2015



Although subject to the same health risks as the general population, people with intellectual disability can face particular barriers to accessing health services. 

A 2009 Victorian Department of Health survey compared people with intellectual disability with the general population on a range of health issues. This infographic shows the proportions of people who had accessed six types of common health checks.

Key findings

  • People with intellectual disabilities were not significantly less likely to have had blood or bowel checks or screenings.
  • Women with intellectual disabilities were much less likely to have had a Pap test or mammogram.​

Technical notes

Participants were randomly sampled from DHS administrative records of persons listed as having an intellectual disability. Therefore results exclude persons unknown to DHS. Moreover the results may have been affected by incorrect DHS records and the low response rate of 12%.

For more information see: Department of Health 2011, Victorian population health survey of people with an intellectual disability 2009, Department of Health, Melbourne 


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