Providing sector insight into Hospital to Home

With the aim of raising awareness, discussion, and advocating for ongoing funding, we have published a new Insight into Practice – Yooralla’s Hospital to Home (H2H) program.

Established in 2021 as part of the Victorian Department of Health’s ‘COVID-19 Transitional Care Program for People with Disability’ H2H has supported 20 people with disability to move out of hospital and into a more home-like environment, while waiting for permanent housing and support arrangements. Collectively, this has prevented over 1,850 days of these individuals being stuck in hospital.

“We know that people with disability are remaining in hospital for too long, with lengthy and uncertain waiting times for the approval of new or increased NDIS funding for supports and housing… [causing] significant…discharge delays” (Cubis et al., 2022).

Through H2H, we have developed key insights into the issue of people with disability remaining in hospital past their medical need to be there. This Insight into Practice details the origins, benefits and lessons to date of Yooralla’s Hospital to Home program.

Our experience shows that H2H is a constructive way to support people to live in a home-like environment while waiting for permanent supports and should be given long-term funding at a level that covers the cost to health services. This would help the program grow sustainably and reduce the number of people with disability who stay in hospital longer than needed. The program is win-win – participants demonstrate improved functional independence and quality of life and it is also more economical than having to wait in hospital.

You can read the full Insight into Practice online and view other Insights in the Research section of our website.

Hear more about our Hospital to Home program and some of the benefits for participants from Senior Service Manager.


Cubis, L, Ramme R, Roseingrave E, Minter E-R, Winkler D, Douglas J. (2022). Evaluating the discharge planning process. Barriers, challenges, and facilitators of timely and effective discharge for people with disability and complex needs. Summer Foundation.

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