Communication & Assistive Technology

Enhancing your lifestyle and communication ability by providing you with information about communication and assistive technology.

We can support you to use the latest technology to communicate, move and enjoy life, further empowering you to live the life you choose.

Yooralla's Communication & Assistive Technology team provide services that enhance your lifestyle and communication ability, by providing you information about and access to assistive technologies and equipment.

Assistive technology and equipment can support people with disability and the aged, their families and carers to enhance everyday activities.

Devices and technologies can include equipment to enhance independence, including:

  • day-to-day equipment in the home
  • mobility equipment such as walkers
  • wheelchairs, and
  • modifications to your environment.

Assistive technologies can also include specialised devices and mainstream tablets, smart phones, and apps for communication, education and work.

Specialist functions


Yooralla's ComTEC therapists provide consultations in the community and on site to provide specialist information, advice and training on assistive and communication technologies such as speech generating devices, switch access, software to support literacy, computer access and environmental controls. We also have an electronic equipment library providing short-term loans of communication and access equipment.

Learn more about ComTEC.

Independent Living Centre

The Independent Living Centre (ILC) supports people with disability and seniors, their families and carers to access information about assistive technology (aids and equipment).

Our team can help you to enhance your functional independence at home, at work, and in your local community, further empowering you to live the life you choose.

We provide a free phone and email enquiry service which is staffed by experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Learn more about the Independent Living Centre.

Electronic Communication Devices Scheme

The Electronic Communication Devices Scheme (ECDS) is a state-wide service supporting people who have no speech or speech that is difficult to understand, to buy speech generating devices and software.

Learn more about the Electronic Communication Devices Scheme (ECDS).

ComTEC Equipment Library

Yooralla's ComTEC Equipment Library provides short-term loan of speech generating devices and computer access equipment for children and adults with disability throughout Victoria.  Items include:

  • Speech generating devices
  • Peripherals such as switches, joysticks and mice
  • Switch adapted toys
  • iPads
  • Laptops and software

Learn more about the ComTEC Equipment Library.



Download: Communication Technology referral form (Word, 181kb) 186kb ComTEC-Referral-Form-20191003.docx

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