ComTEC Electronic Equipment Library

ComTEC has an Electronic Equipment Library where you can hire speech generating devices, including iPads with communication apps, switches, software and mounting systems to trial in your home, school and / or work environment.

Equipment Loans are provided for up to 3 months, or longer by negotiation.

A monthly fee is charged for each loan which can be funded from your NDIS plan, or if you are not an NDIS participant, privately funded.

How we can help

To view a range of equipment items available to hire, you can download our library catalogue.

Our services

If you would like some support with trialling equipment, your therapist can request a training session, or series of training sessions, with a ComTEC therapist, by completing a ComTEC Referral form.

Typical training goals may include:

  • Implementation strategies
  • Basic or advanced programming  and editing
  • Orientation to the language organisation of communication software
  • Setting up equipment and access methods

If you are not sure of which device/s you would like to trial or need further support, your Therapist can request a ComTEC Advisory session or Secondary Consultation with a ComTEC therapist by completing a ComTEC Referral form.


Can I hire more than one 'App'?

Yes you can, just include all the apps that you would like to trial on the ComTEC Hire Request form

Can you send the equipment to me?

Yes, we arrange sending the equipment to you and picking it up at the end of the hire using a courier service called Sendle.

I’m not sure what speech generating devices to trial

You can request an advisory service with our ComTEC Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to explore options for speech generating devices, accessibility technology, communication apps or software that may be suitable. See the ComTEC website page for more details.

What is the best app?

There is no one best app!  We select a range of apps/software/equipment to demonstrate in the ComTEC Consultation session, based on the individual's goals and prior discussion with the referring Speech Pathologist or Occupational Therapist.

How much does it cost to hire?

The cost varies depending on the equipment. The cost ranges from $30 - $100 per month to hire plus return postage costs plus setup costs for some items.

How much foes an iPad with apps cost to hire?
  1. An iPad costs $80 per month to hire plus return postage
  2. There is setup involved to prepare an iPad for hire which is done by a ComTEC Therapist.  The cost is up to one hour of therapy and includes:
    • Removal of all personal information from the previous hirer
    • Updating firmware
    • Loading the iTunes account which contains the purchased apps
    • Loading voices onto the app and ensuring that the voices are updated

Submit a hire/training request

To request an equipment trial and / or training session/s, please complete the ComTEC Hire and Training Request form and email it to:

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