Creating a supported pathway into employment for people with disability

Yooralla’s Employability Program is focused on building your job skills to support your pathway to employment. We can tailor a job skills program to suit your individual needs and capabilities and support you to transition into the job that is right for you.

Yooralla will work with you to develop a training plan which will include the learning outcomes you want, your work goals and how you will achieve them.

The Employability Program consists of two streams. You can do one or both streams, depending on your goals, needs and capabilities:

  • Employability: Preparation for Work is a two-year education and practical job training program, including work experience, specifically for school leavers and individuals who require intensive support. Learn more about Employability: Preparation for Work.
  • Employability: Job Ready is the next step up, for participants who have completed the Employability: Preparation for Work stream, or people who are at the supported employment level already. This is an additional year of paid on-the-job training based in a Yooralla Business Enterprise or in the community. Employability: Job Ready can prepare the participant for moving into open employment.  Learn more about Employability: Job Ready.

After completing the Employability: Job Ready stream, you may want support to move into ‘open employment’— that is, a job in the community, where you no longer need support to do your job. Learn more about how Yooralla can support you to transition into open employment. Learn more about Open Employment.

Wherever you choose to start and finish your pathway to employment, Yooralla will support you to achieve your employment goals and transition into the job that is right for you



Download: Employability program pathway (PDF, 56kb) 58kb Pathways-to-Employment-PDF,-56kb.pdf


Download: Employability program pathway (Word, 271kb) 277kb Pathways-to-Employment-Word,-271kb.docx


Download: Employability - Preparation for Work factsheet (PDF, 586kb) 601kb Employability-Preparation-for-Work-Factsheet-PDF,-586kb.pdf


Download: Employability - Preparation for Work factsheet (Word, 375kb) 385kb Employability-Preparation-for-Work-Factsheet-Word,-375kb.docx


Download: Employability - Job Ready factsheet (PDF, 358kb) 0kb Employability-Job-Ready_4pp_web.pdf


Download: Employability - Job Ready factsheet (Word, 48kb) 49kb Employability-Job-Ready-accessible.docx

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