Supporting individuals, families and carers with tailored respite experiences

Yooralla’s Respite services support your individual goals and can assist you, your family and carers to take a break from daily routines.

We have many options to support children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and health needs.  

Whether your goals are to be more independent, enjoy new experiences, meet new people or take up a new activity, we can support you.

Who can use Yooralla's Respite services?

We provide specialist Respite options for children and adults with disability, from the ages of six to 64. We also provide specialist respite support for people with high and complex needs.  

Respite can be accessed for a planned rest or for emergency accommodation, and may be used often or once-off.  

We can assist you to create a respite plan that works best for you and your family.

Our Respite options

Respite accommodation for children, young people and adults

Yooralla has specialist respite accommodation for children, young people and adults. Located at sites across Melbourne and one vacation retreat site in north-eastern Victoria, our respite accommodation provides an opportunity to meet friends and enjoy activities, while being supported by trained and qualified staff.

Learn more about respite accommodation for children, young people and adults.

In-home or personal respite

Yooralla can provide individual respite at your home or in the community to support your daily routine. This can range from a few hours to a few days, and is totally flexible and responsive to your individual needs.

Recreational respite

Respite for many people is about getting out and enjoying recreational and social activities. Yooralla can support you to enjoy any individual recreational pursuits, and we also run many community-based programs for groups.

Learn more about recreation at Yooralla.

Holiday programs and camps

Yooralla’s holiday programs and camps are a great opportunity for children and young people to learn new skills, make friends and have fun in a fully supported environment. Our camps are packed full of activities – anything from boating, abseiling or climbing, to campfire concerts and dress-up nights.

Respite for people reliant on ventilation support

Yooralla offers specialist respite accommodation for people who require intermittent or continuous ventilation support.

Located in Melbourne’s north in the thriving hub of Thornbury, our respite accommodation provides a comfortable home-away-from-home environment for guests, with a focus on supporting your lifestyle choices.

Respite service coordination

Yooralla can support primary carers of people with disability to identify the type of support options that best meet their unique requirements. Our respite coordination service assists carers living in the eastern region of Melbourne to navigate the often complex respite system. This program is available to people without current case management.

Breakaway funding

Carers can apply for Breakaway funding, which enables people with disability to enjoy a planned respite experience, in or out of the home, while their carer enjoys a short-term break. Eligibility for Breakaway funding is based on local government areas.

Learn more about Breakaway funding.

Support for older carers

Our support for older carers program assists carers over the age of 60 who live in the eastern region of Melbourne to access disability and other support services for the people they care for. Working with a facilitator, the program assists carers and families to develop a plan that will address the needs of both the carer and the person with disability.

Learn more about our support for older carers program.

Respite information service

Our respite information service supports people with disability, their families and carers by providing up-to-date information about respite options local communities. These services are available in the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne and in Gippsland, and are known as:

  • Respite Information and Development in the East (RIDE)
  • Respite Information Gippsland (RIG)

RIDE and RIG also support the development of respite services in these regions through consultation with key stakeholders. An annual EXPO of respite services and supports - the largest of its kind in Victoria – occurs in September. 

Learn more about our respite information service.



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Respite Service Coordination


Download: Respite Coordination Referral Form (PDF, 380kb) 81kb Form-RSC-01-Referral-Form-R7.pdf


Download: Respite Coordination Referral Form (Word, 176kb) 181kb Form-RSC-01-Referral-Form-R7.doc

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For more information about Yooralla’s Respite services, please contact us to learn more about how we can support your interests and needs.

Phone: 03 9666 4500

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