Yooralla's respite accommodation for children and young people

Yooralla offers specialist respite accommodation, also known as short-term accommodation, for children and young people with disability and complex needs.

Our short-term accommodation, located in Melbourne's north, is dedicated to supporting children and young people with high support needs under the age of 18 years old. It is a safe and fun place to stay, with a focus on the specific needs of your son or daughter.

A great place to stay

Yooralla has upgraded our Respite Accommodation for children and young people.

We wanted to make sure that our guests thoroughly enjoy their stay - which means parents and carers are able to enjoy their break too. The house has been renovated to make it more warm and welcoming.

Our team can create an experience tailored to everyone’s interests.

If your son or daughter likes music, then they can let out their inner pop star with our karaoke machine; if they are interested in arts and crafts, we have plenty of activities on hand.

We also have many sensory experiences, including gardening, and for those who like movies, we can do movie nights (of course with freshly made popcorn!).

Plus, there are two Nintendo Wii consoles, so your son or daughter can enjoy the latest games.

Watch this video to tour through the accommodation

Individual rooms, space and privacy

The house is divided into two units. One unit provides long-term accommodation for children under age of 18, and the other unit has four individual rooms dedicated to short term accommodation.

There is a welcoming and comfortable lounge room and an outdoor area with BBQ facilities.

Our purpose-built accommodation features specialised and developmentally appropriate equipment for all needs, including hoists and slings.

We understand that for many people, privacy is an absolute necessity, so there are no shared rooms in Yooralla’s respite accommodation.

Compatibility focus

To ensure safety and comfort, the compatibility of our guests is essential.

Before commencing a stay with us, we will consider the age, gender, health needs, interests and wishes of your son or daughter, to ensure guests are well-suited and likely to enjoy each other’s company.

The structure of our accommodation enables us to cater to different needs or age groups and to ensure compatibility is right.

Supporting carers

Yooralla’s Respite Accommodation can assist you, your family and carers to take a break from daily routines. It provides a break for those in need of a little time out, or to get to personal appointments, or to spend time with other family members that you may find difficult to organise around while caring for your son or daughter

This service is an important support for many parents of a young person with disability. One parent whose son has been using Yooralla’s respite service for 7 years said that following about the service.

“I’d be lost without Yooralla’s respite service. It is important for both me and my son. For him is lets him see his friends – we describe it as his ‘holiday house’. While for me, it gives me precious time to recharge my batteries.

“I have great communication with the service and the team. They are like a security blanket for me because I know, that they know my son. And he likes it too because he settles in there well. All his disability needs are catered for – everything from his manual handling profile to his mealtime assistance. The fact that the service is close to Glenroy Specialist School, means that it is short trip for him, and he has classmates stay there as well.”

Flexible arrangements

Yooralla’s Respite Accommodation is fully flexible and able to support everyone’s routine. Understanding individual requirements and preferences is our priority. Respite stays can vary from one night to several weeks. Drop off and pick up times are also flexible to accommodate the needs of your family.

If your son or daughter attends Glenroy Specialist School, we are able to continue those arrangements. Our accommodation is located a short distance from the school.

Outstanding staff support

We provide a staff to guest ratio of 1:2 during the day, and we have a staff member overnight. Throughout the night, we provide half-hourly checks, but are able to provide checks on your son or daughter as regularly as you would like.

All our staff are trained and qualified and have passed national and international police checks and Working with Children checks.



Download: Respite accommodation - for children and young people (PDF, 119.9KB) 700kb Accomodation_respite-for-children_20190214.pdf


Download: Respite accommodation for children and young people - accessible (Word, 347.6mb) 384kb Respite-accommodation-for-children-Accesible-Word_20190214.docx

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