Yooralla’s respite (short-term) accommodation for young people

Yooralla offers specialist respite (short-term) accommodation for young people with disability and complex needs in Melbourne’s North

Our short-term accommodation, located in Reservoir, is dedicated to supporting young people between 15 to 35 years old. It is a fun and safe place for the person you care for to stay, with an individualised focus on their specific needs.

A great place to stay

Our team can create an experience tailored to the interests of the person you care for. If it’s musical interests, then they can let out their inner pop star with our karaoke machine; if they are interested in arts and crafts, we have a great range of activities available.

We also have many sensory experiences, including gardening, and for those who like movies, we have movie nights (of course with freshly made popcorn!). There are local parks within walking distance where Yooralla staff can arrange and supervise activities such as ball sports, or oversee adventures to great local walking tracks. Additionally, we support life skill development activities including cooking, gardening, personal care, money management and day to day living. We involve you in the decision-making process when it comes to planning the activities your loved one enjoys.

Individual rooms, space and privacy

The house has five bedrooms, all with wardrobes, and one bathroom. There are two spacious living rooms for activities fitted out with televisions, couches and beanbags. The kitchen is large and includes a dining room with lots of natural light, which adjoins the back garden. We offer a sleepover model where staff can attend to any overnight support needs. We can also arrange active night support where required. Important to note is that we do not have hoists in the bathroom and bedrooms are not wheelchair friendly.

Compatibility focus

To ensure safety and comfort, the compatibility of our guests is essential. Before commencing a stay with us, we will consider the age, gender, health needs, interests and wishes of the person you care for, to ensure guests are well-suited and likely to enjoy each other’s company.

Supporting carers

Yooralla’s Respite Accommodation can assist you, your family and carers to take a break from daily routines. It provides a break for those in need of a little time out, or to get to personal appointments, or to spend time with other family members.

Flexible arrangements

Yooralla’s Respite Accommodation is fully flexible and able to support individual support needs and activities. Understanding individual requirements and preferences is our priority. Respite stays can vary from one night to several weeks. Drop off and pick up times are also flexible to suit you. The location is near Northland Shopping Centre, local cafes, and public transport is within a reasonable distance. There are also new facilities in the Pentridge area that customers can access by local bus or taxi service while supported by Yooralla staff, doubling as an opportunity for travel training to increase confidence using these services (with parental approval).

Outstanding staff support

Following an initial assessment, support needs are tailored with the right staffing level. All our staff are experienced and trained and have a NDIS Worker Screening Check clearance or a National Police Record Check clearance (where relevant) and current Working with Children Checks.



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