Yooralla's respite accommodation for young people

Yooralla offers specialist respite accommodation for young people with disability and complex needs

Located in Melbourne’s north, our respite accommodation is a safe, fun and social place for you to stay, with an absolute focus on your needs.

Outstanding staff support

We provide a staff to guest ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 during the day, depending on our guests’ requirements, and we have one staff member available overnight.

We pride ourselves on having very low staff turnover in our respite accommodation. Some staff have been with us for more than 20 years. All our staff have passed national and international police checks and have current Working With Children checks.

Individual rooms, space and privacy

We offer all single rooms – there are no shared rooms in Yooralla’s respite accommodation. We understand that for many people, privacy is an absolute necessity.

Our accommodation consists of five individual rooms. There are two welcoming and comfortable lounge spaces and a great outdoor area with BBQ facilities.

The safety of all guests is also a key concern. We can secure off certain areas, such as kitchen cupboards, should this be required to ensure guest safety.

Compatibility focus

To make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible, making sure guest are compatible is essential.

Before staying with us, we will consider your age, gender, health needs, interests and personal requests, to ensure your fellow guests are well-suited and likely to enjoy each other’s company.

We will also invite you to enjoy a meal with us before your stay begins, so you can meet the other guests and ensure you feel comfortable with our supports.

Our focus on compatibility also encourages friendships. One of the great advantages of our respite accommodation is the opportunity to socialise with other young people.

Flexible arrangements

Yooralla’s respite accommodation is fully flexible and able to support your routine. Understanding your individual requirements and preferences is our priority.

Respite stays can vary from one night to a few weeks. Drop off and pick up times are also fully flexible to work with your own routine.

Your family and friends are welcome

We encourage your family to drop in and visit while you are a guest at our respite accommodation.

Our accommodation has two large lounge rooms and a great outdoor area for everyone to enjoy.

Community access and engagement

Above all, we want your stay with us to be enjoyable and fun. A usual day at our respite accommodation will be focused on assisting you to get out and about in the community, to enjoy the outdoors and pursue your own interests.

We often organise theme nights for guests to enjoy together and we run regular daytime activities and outings if you feel like participating.

Our accommodation is also located close to shops and transport.



Download: Respite accommodation for young people factsheet (PDF, 663kb) 679kb Respite-accommodation-for-young-people-2pp_web.pdf


Download: Respite accommodation for young people factsheet (Word, 50kb) 51kb Respite-accommodation-for-young-people_Accessible-word.docx

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