How Yooralla supported Emmy's journey

Emmy has been supported by Yooralla’s Specialist Children’s therapy team to achieve her goals of going to kindergarten and school.

Watch this video to learn about Emmy’s journey.

Emmy was born seven weeks early and doctors noticed that she was not as developed as she should be and undertook genetic testing. After countless negative results, Emmy and her family received a diagnosis – Patau syndrome. This is a rare chromosomal abnormality, with 90% of diagnosed babies dying before their first birthday. However, Emmy’s diagnosis was more complicated.

“Emmy’s specific genetic combination had never been documented before – she’s actually one of a kind. Doctors couldn’t tell us what to expect or tell us what life would be like for her,” said Sonja, Emmy’s mother.

When Emmy was six months old, she wasn’t developing at the same rate as other children her age. Her parents then began working with Yooralla’s Specialist Children’s Supports service that provides specialised early intervention programs.

Yooralla’s physiotherapist created exercises and activities that could replicated at home. Emmy started to make progress and then began working with Yooralla’s speech therapists and occupational therapists where she continued to thrive.

“The team at Yooralla look at her abilities. They want Emmy to do the best she can do and achieve her goals. Just like we do,” said Sonja.

Emmy on her scooter.
Emmy on her scooter.

With Emmy doing so well, her mother then her sights on a new goal of getting her to kinder. Yooralla staff then ran ‘preparing for kinder classes’ for Emmy, working to get her ready for new activities, routine and being surrounded by other children. At home, Sonja went through activities with Emmy, using story and picture boards to prepare her for the change.

The hard work paid off. Emmy attended a local kinder that she loved it instantly. She is now enjoying primary school and continues to receive speech therapy support from Yooralla.

If your child has a developmental delay or disability then Yooralla’s specialist children’s service can support your child with our quality, evidence-based therapies. Our team, consists of physiotherapists, speech therapists / pathologists, teachers and occupational therapists. Yooralla is a not-for-profit organisation that has supported children with developmental delay and disability since 1918.

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