Leave a Gift in your will

A bequest is a gift made in a will - a legal document specifying how a person wishes his or her property to be distributed after they die. A gift can include money, shares, real estate or a range of other valuable items.

Including Yooralla in your will is an ideal way to create future and lasting change for people with disability. It's important to consider the needs of your family and dependants when writing your Will and to inform them if you decide to leave a bequest to Yooralla.

Yooralla recommends talking to your personal solicitor for advice about setting up a legal will or leaving a bequest within your will, to ensure it is valid and will achieve everything you wish.


Bequest guide


Download: Bequest guide (PDF, 892kb) 913kb Fundraising-Kit-Bequests-Booklet-2015.pdf

Will guide


Download: Will guide (PDF, 345kb) 353kb Bequest-Kit-Your-Will-Booklet-2015_web.pdf


Download: Will guide (Word, 1.9mb) 1996kb Bequest-Kit-Your-Will-Booklet-2015_web.docx

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