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Why donate to Yooralla

Over the next three years, we aim to tackle six major areas of need that, in partnership with people with disability, we can progress to fill gaps and remove barriers that still exist for them.

A hopeful and resilient future

A hopeful and resilient future

Learn more about our vision for a hopeful and resilient future and our aspirations for addressing six overarching areas of need that represent gaps and barriers still experienced by the disability community.

How can you support us?

By donating to Yooralla, you can help us as we partner with people with disability in designing and delivering unfunded initiatives that can enhance their lives. 

Donations, gifts, and philanthropic funding are used to advance Yooralla’s purpose of supporting people with disability to live the life they choose. 

There are several different ways that people choose to give to Yooralla. How each person supports us is valuable and contributes to our ability to address critical needs in disability that are unfunded. 

Ways to give

There are several different ways that people choose to give to Yooralla. How each person supports us is valuable and contributes to our ability to address critical needs in disability that are unfunded.

Single donations and gifts:  Donate to Yooralla at any time with a donation or in response to our latest appeals by visiting our donation page.

Recurring Giving: Donations given monthly/quarterly/twice a year/annually through direct debit or deductions from your credit card arranged with your provider.

Community Fundraising: Raising funds for Yooralla by making us a beneficiary of your events, activities or through your networks e.g. fun runs/walks; school fetes; in lieu of flowers or gifts for birthdays, weddings and in memoriam

Major Gifts: Significant contribution to cover all, a majority or a significant proportion of the cost of an initiative and may be given one-off or over multiple years as a multi-year pledge. Major Gifts may be in response to specific initiatives for which we are seeking funds or in response to our overarching case for support.

Leaving a Gift in your Will/Bequesting to Yooralla: Including Yooralla in your Will to benefit from your Estate or listing a donation to Yooralla as part of your intention for your Estate. More information available here.

Workplace Giving: Pre-tax donations from your salary organised through your workplace.

Corporate partnership: A relationship between Yooralla and your company or business to engage in joint initiatives supported through cash and/or in-kind donations, employee volunteering and/or pro bono engagement. Because each company is different, we design tailored partnership agreements.

Make a donation

Make a donation

If you would like to donate by mail, please send a cheque or money order to:

Yooralla Fundraising
Reply Paid 90365
PO Box 310
Collins Street West VIC 8007

Our donors' impact

We developed this year's donor impact video to illustrate the difference that our donors are able to make to the lives of people with disability. This video highlights six significant initiatives we have been able to deliver that will support people with disability to live the lives they choose.

The six major needs we aim to address

Our determination is to extend our capabilities beyond fulfilling basic disability support needs for those we serve. Our aim is to expand the reach and diversity of our services so we can match the goals of the people and communities we support.

The challenges that we seek to address are significant. But with our capabilities and expertise, sustained effort and the backing of supporters, it is possible to make progress on the six major needs for which we are seeking philanthropic support.

Quality of life and healthy outcomes


Underserved communities




Workforce and leadership development


Technology and equipment


Research and innovation


These overarching needs are complex and challenging, with some a result of long-term systemic issues that are ingrained in society. There is no existing funding for many of these needs. Some are large-scale and will require effort and resourcing over a number of years.

The Yooralla Foundation

The Yooralla Foundation

In 2021, the Yooralla Board established a dedicated Foundation for all donations, philanthropic gifts and funding received. Yooralla Foundation funds are used for the purpose of resourcing activities and initiatives that improve the lives of people with disability.

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