Implementing your NDIS plan

Once you receive your approved NDIS plan, you will need to go through some steps to implement your plan, before you can start using your NDIS funded supports.

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What you need to know

Once you receive your approved NDIS plan, you will need to go through some steps to implement your plan before you can start using your NDIS funded supports.

Step 1 – Receive your approved NDIS plan

When you receive your approved NDIS plan in the mail or by email, you need to read your plan and understand your funded supports. If you need help interpreting your NDIS plan and understanding your supports, contact your NDIS representative.

As your plan starts (and is considered active) from the date the plan is approved, it is important that you go through the steps to start using your NDIS plan as soon as you receive it.

Step 2 – Go online to view your plan on the NDIS participant portal

You can view your plan and manage your supports via the myGov website. From here, you can link to the NDIS participant portal ‘myplace’, where you can view your NDIS plan. 

Find out more about how to access ‘myplace’ on the NDIS website

Step 3 - Speak with your relevant NDIS representative to help you start using your plan

At your planning meeting you will have decided who you want to help you with the next steps to start your plan and start receiving your supports.

  1. If Support Coordination is funded in your plan, a Support Coordinator will contact you shortly after you receive your NDIS plan.
  2. If you are not funded for Support Coordination, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) can assist you to find providers, access the 'myplace' portal and start using your plan.

Step 4 – Connect with service providers to deliver your support

You will need to decide who you want to deliver the funded supports in your plan, and then sign Service Agreements with your chosen provider/s. Your NDIS representative can help you find service providers, or you can search for providers on your own. If you choose to continue with your existing service provider you still need to contact them to enter into a Service Agreement before you can start receiving supports with your NDIS funding.

Step 5 – Your NDIS plan is underway

Once you have signed and returned your Service Agreement/s to your chosen providers, you will then start receiving your NDIS funded supports. Your NDIS plan usually runs for 12 months, unless there is a significant change in your life in the meantime that will require a change in your supports.

Yooralla's guide to Implementing your NDIS plan

Yooralla's guide to Implementing your NDIS plan

Yooralla’s step-by-step guide on how to implement your NDIS plan is designed to help you get your NDIS plan underway.

Meet with us

Meet with us

Our team at Yooralla Connect can help you in person or over the phone to:

  • prepare for your NDIS planning meeting,
  • understand your NDIS plan and how you can implement it, or
  • prepare for your next NDIS plan.
  • achieve your goals with Yooralla supports
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