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Prepare for your planning meeting

What you need to know

Your planning meeting is the discussion you will have with a planner to help determine what goes in your NDIS plan. This means you need to understand the supports you currently have and think about any areas of additional support you may need.

You may want to start by thinking about the following:

What do you do every day? 

Think about not only what you do, but where you do it, who supports you with the activity and to get ready for it.

What support do you need to do these things?

Write down how you get to activities, what support you might need for the activity, or for specific tasks such as personal care or meal assistance during the activity. This should be any support, including paid support, family support, aids and equipment or mainstream support (ie. doctor).

You need to know what supports you get now to share this with your planner.

What are your goals?

Goals describe what you want to achieve. Once you are clear about what support you receive now and what works for you, this will help you think about your goals.

During your planning meeting, the planner will talk to you about the goals you want to achieve across many aspects of your life. The planner asks this because a NDIS plan is based on goals, and supports will only be funded if they will help you meet these goals.

In Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS, there is an activity planner that you can use to help you to write down all the things you want included in your NDIS plan.

Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS

Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS

To make sure you make the most of your NDIS planning meeting, you need to be prepared. Get our free guide to get ready for your planning meeting.

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What's Next?

Once you receive your approved NDIS plan, you will need to go through some steps to implement your plan before you can start using your NDIS funded supports.

Meet with us

Meet with us

Our team at Yooralla Connect help you in person or over the phone to:

  • prepare for your NDIS planning meeting,
  • understand your NDIS plan and how you can implement it, or
  • prepare for your next NDIS plan.
  • achieve your goals with Yooralla supports

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