Transdisciplinary approach and key worker model

Teamwork to deliver the best strategies and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) supports for your child.

Teamwork to deliver the best strategies and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) supports for your child.

About transdisciplinary approach

A transdisciplinary approach involves a team of professionals working collaboratively together to plan and deliver your child’s ECI supports. This is considered an evidence-based, best-practice approach to early childhood interventions.

This team may include allied health professionals (such as a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist), special education teachers and other mainstream health professionals.

At every stage, your family are important members of the team, and they will be involved in all aspects of the program and decision making.

Key worker model

One of the professionals in your team may take the lead role in providing ECI supports to your child, acting as a key worker.

Key workers are the main point of contact for your family and will assist to coordinate all ECI services for your child. They will collaborate with your specialist team and manage links between your child, your family and professionals.

This family-centred approach ensures your support team provides a smooth delivery of services to support your child to achieve their goals.

One of the benefits of the key worker model is the ability to access the ECI supports your child needs through one disability service provider, rather than you trying to coordinate a range of individual professionals.

Transdisciplinary approach and key worker model in action

One example of this approach is if one of your child’s goals is to develop their communication skills. A speech pathologist may be your key worker and may also connect your child with an occupational therapist to support the development of their fine motor skills.

IMAGE: A Young child with arms stretched is working on their movement with a physiotherapist

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Our experienced team of physiotherapists support children with disability and developmental delay to achieve their goals relating to posture, mobility, everyday function and participation in activities they enjoy.

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