Physiotherapy for children

Our physiotherapists work with your child to achieve their goals relating to movement, mobility, everyday function and participation in activities they enjoy.

IMAGE: Two young children are sitting on the floor with their physiotherapist. They are working with wooden blocks.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists support children with disability and developmental delay to achieve their goals relating to posture, mobility, everyday function and participation in activities they enjoy. We can also support children with complex support needs.

We can provide comprehensive assessments and individual supports to ensure your child’s safe functional mobility and participation in everyday activities at home, in the community and at childcare, kindergarten or school.

Yooralla is a registered NDIS physiotherapy provider. We support children and adults of all ages and needs with quality, evidence-based NDIS physiotherapy and other therapy supports. Our experienced physiotherapists can also support people with disability who are self-funded.

IMAGE: A Young child with arms stretched is working on their movement with a physiotherapist

Ready to get started?

If you're interested in finding out more about how we can support you and your child child to achieve their goals relating to movement, mobility and everyday function, you can complete our online form or give us a call to speak to our friendly team.

Paediatric physiotherapy at Yooralla

Our paediatric physiotherapists work with children between 0-18 years of age and have extensive experience working with very young children and primary school age groups (0-9 years old).

Yooralla physiotherapists have broad experience in transdisciplinary practice and use the keyworker model of support, when working with children under nine years old. At every stage, your family are important members of the team, and they will be involved in all aspects of the program and decision making.

We work with together with your family to get to know your child and deliver supports tailored to your child’s own individual needs. We use an outcomes-based approach, focusing on what you want for your child and family, working closely with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child, using our knowledge and expertise as paediatric physiotherapists.

We can provide one-to-one support where and when it suits your child and family

Can Yooralla support my child to start childcare, kindergarten or school?

Yes. We know these can be stressful times for families. Our paediatric physiotherapists can help plan for this change and support your child and family through the transition period, including providing reports, advice and training to relevant staff to ensure your child is fully included in programs and activities.

Does Yooralla provide aids and equipment and Assistive Technology (AT)?

Yes, we can support you with funding applications, assessment, trials and prescription of specialised equipment to support your functional positioning, mobility and safety. We can also provide training to your support network to ensure the prescribed equipment is being used safely.

Some of the types of equipment we can prescribe include:

  • specialised strollers and wheelchairs
  • standing frames
  • walking aids and gait trainers, and
  • transfer aids.
We have current capacity across metropolitan Melbourne

We have current capacity across metropolitan Melbourne

The have either immediate capacity, or capacity within the next 6 months for our Physiotherapy services across Metropolitan Melbourne. If you require supports not shown here, please still complete the request form as our availability changes frequently.

Supporting your child’s posture and movement

We can work with you to develop your child’s posture and movement to become more independent. We can also assist mobility and participation in physical activities, including supporting access to leisure and recreational programs.

This may include one-to-one support to assist your child to develop their gross motor skills, balance and coordination, strength and endurance, as well as their flexibility and postural control. These supports could be provided in your home, in the community, at childcare, kindergarten or school.

Our paediatric physiotherapists can also provide evidence-based assessments of your child’s position (which is how they hold their body when lying, sitting or standing), mobility and environment to support their safety and accessibility.

In addition to assessments, we can also provide comprehensive manual handling plans, including providing training to carers to support your child’s safety.

Find out more about how our Physiotherapists are support young people to achieve their goals

Find out more about how our Physiotherapists are support young people to achieve their goals

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