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Yooralla's free guides to the the NDIS

What you need to know

Yooralla has developed a number of resources that can support you to understand and get ready for the NDIS.

Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS

Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS

This guide can help you understand the NDIS planning process and prepare for your planning meeting. It includes activity planners, and will help you to think about:

  • your goals
  • your current supports
  • what else you need
  • what you need to take to your planning meeting, and
  • who you want to support you at your planning meeting.
The NDIS for your child

The NDIS for your child

This easy to follow guide is based on Yooralla’s experience with the NDIS and working with families and children. It can help you understand:

  • the NDIS planning process
  • what is a NDIS plan
  • the pathways into NDIS for your child
  • what will and won’t be funded in an NDIS plan
  • how to prepare for your child’s NDIS planning meeting
  • how to develop your child’s goals
  • what happens in a planning meeting, and
  • how implement your child’s NDIS plan.
How to implement your NDIS plan

How to implement your NDIS plan

The guide can help navigate the next steps to start receiving your supports. It covers:

  • what do you need to do to implement your NDIS plan
  • why you need to start implementing your approved plan as soon as you get it
  • who will help you implement your plan
  • what to look for in a service provider, and what to ask them
  • Service Agreements and how they work, and
  • what to do if you’re not happy with your NDIS plan.
Making the most of your next NDIS plan

Making the most of your next NDIS plan

Yooralla’s free guide can help you understand the process for your next NDIS plan and how you can prepare for your plan review meeting. It includes a meeting planning tool, and will help you to think about:

  • how you progressed with each goal in your first NDIS plan
  • whether you now have new goals
  • what you have achieved
  • what you’d like to do with your next NDIS plan, and
  • what to bring to your plan review meeting.
Housing in the NDIS

Housing in the NDIS

The guide explains key terms associated with NDIS housing, such as Supported Independent Living (SIL), and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), and outlines the steps to transitioning into new accommodation:

  • engaging with the NDIS to explain goals and needs
  • exploring housing solutions
  • receiving new accommodation funding
  • sourcing new accommodation, and
  • moving in.
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