NDIS guides

Yooralla has developed a number of resources that can support you to understand and get ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Yooralla's free guide to prepare for the NDIS

Yooralla's free guide on how to implement your NDIS plan

Yooralla's free guide on the NDIS for your child

Yooralla's free guide to making the most of your next NDIS plan

Yooralla's guide on housing in the NDIS

Yooralla's guide on eligibility and how to access the NDIS


Download: NDIS - A guide to accessing the NDIS (PDF, 1.19mb) 1219kb NDIS-A-guide-to-accessing-the-NDIS-Easy-English-PDF,-1.19mb.pdf


Download: NDIS - A guide to accessing the NDIS (Word, 110kb) 113kb NDIS-A-guide-to-accessing-the-NDIS-Word,-110kb.docx

Yooralla's brochure on how our services help you meet your goals


Download: NDIS - What's important to you? (PDF, 304kb) 308kb Whats-important-to-you_web.pdf


Download: NDIS - What's important to you (Word, 373kb) 379kb Whats-important-to-you-Yooralla-services_Accessible-word.docx

Yooralla explains the NDIS in Easy English


Download: NDIS factsheet - Easy English (Word, 11.9mb) 12451kb NDIS_Easy-English.docx


Download: NDIS - A guide to accessing the NDIS - Easy English (Word, 13.8mb) 14085kb NDIS-A-guide-to-accessing-the-NDIS-Easy-English-Word,-13.75mb.docx


For NDIS enquiries or to purchase services using NDIS funding, please contact us:

Phone: 03 9666 4500

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