11 key questions to ask yourself before your child’s second NDIS plan

Plan Reassessment 2024

If you’ve been contacted by the NDIS because your child has nearly reached the 12-month mark of their first NDIS plan, you may be wondering what’s involved in preparing for child’s next NDIS planning meeting. Here are things you can think about to get be prepared.

If your child’s 12-month plan reassessment is approaching, it’s worth giving some thought as to how your first NDIS plan has gone for your child; and any changes they might need for their next NDIS plan.

Some questions you may want to think about before your child’s plan review meeting are:

  1. What supports are working for your child?
  2. What’s not working for your child?
  3. Was there any funding your child didn’t get to use? Why?
  4. Did your child run out of funding for something they needed more of? Like consumables, or therapy sessions?
  5. Are there other things you realised your child needed throughout the year, that you hadn’t thought of when you had their last planning meeting?
  6. Have there been any big changes in your child or family’s life? Or are there about to be? For example, they are due to transition from kindergarten to primary school?
  7. Did your child get new equipment in their last plan that might need repair or maintenance?
  8. Has the way you managed your child’s NDIS funds worked for you?
  9. How is your child going with achieving the goals in their NDIS plan?
  10. Do you have new goals to add? Perhaps goals that build on your child’s achievements over the past year of their NDIS plan?
  11. Are you happy with the service providers your child is using?

Want support to prepare for your child’s 12-month plan reassessment meeting?

We can support you to feel confident and prepared for your child’s NDIS plan reassessment meeting, through our free NDIS discussions with Yooralla Connect. Get in touch with us today!

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