3 tips for choosing a Specialist Support Coordinator

When selecting your Specialist Support Coordinator there is a few things to consider, to ensure you find the right provider to support you to reduce any barriers to achieving your NDIS goals and accessing supports.

1.  Think about what’s important to you in the person you’ll be working closely with to implement your NDIS plan

You’ll be telling your Specialist Support Coordinator detailed information about your life, your goals and your support needs; so perhaps you want a good listener that you can trust.

They will be supporting you to implement your NDIS plan and possibly to prepare for (or during) crisis situations, so it is important they are responsive to your needs and can connect you with the best specialist supports for your needs in your area.

Think about what’s important to you, and then do some research to find the right provider for you

2. Ask around, to find out if a provider will meet your needs

If you’re referred to a Specialist Support Coordination provider by the NDIA or another agency, you can ask your contact person why they have suggested the specific provider they have referred you to, and about the provider’s experience in delivering this service. Some questions you could ask are outlined below.

When you are connected with a Specialist Support Coordination provider, you can tell them what you’re looking for in a Specialist Support Coordinator so they can try to match you with the best person for your needs.

Do you know of another NDIS participant who has used a Specialist Support Coordination provider that they have had a good experience with? Word of mouth is an excellent way to find a great provider!

3. Find out about the service provider’s experience delivering Specialist Support Coordination services

Before deciding on your Specialist Support Coordination provider, you might want to do some online research or speak to a provider to find out things such as:

  • How long has the provider been supporting NDIS participants through Specialist Support Coordination?
  • Are they a registered NDIS provider?
  • What does the organisation say about their Specialist Support Coordination team, their backgrounds and expertise?
  • Do they have experience supporting people with your type of disability?
  • If you are from a diverse cultural background, you may want to find out if the provider’s Specialist Support Coordinators have been specially trained in working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • If you don’t connect with the Specialist Support Coordinator you are given – can you change the person who supports you to implement your NDIS plan?

About our team

Are you looking for the right Specialist Support Coordinator? Yooralla knows the NDIS and have been providing specialist support through Specialist Support Coordination since the beginning of the NDIS. Read on below to learn why Yooralla would be an excellent choice as your Specialist Support Coordination provider.

Yooralla's Specialist Support Coordination Staff with extensive experience and training in disability, from a range of backgrounds including allied health, psychology and social workYooralla's Specialist Support Coordination Skilled in working with people with a wide range of disabilities and support needsYooralla's Specialist Support Coordination Responsible, respectful and excellent communicators
Yooralla's Specialist Support Coordination We understand the local communities we serviceYooralla's Specialist Support Coordination Passionate about empowering people with disability to live the lives they chooseYooralla's Specialist Support Coordination Specially trained to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds

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For further information about Yooralla’s Specialist Support Coordination service please contact us.

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