Adem — future Powerchair Football champion

There’s one important factor for Adem when choosing his new powerchair…“that it goes fast!”

After working with Yooralla’s physiotherapist and Senior Clinician Anne-Marie Dickinson, nine-year-old Adem is about to receive his new power wheelchair—which is perfect for Powerchair Football.

A keen Western United Powerchair FC fan, Adem has chosen his new powerchair to match his team’s colours of green and black.

“I play with Western United,” he said. “I’ve just played this year.”

With International Wheelchair Day being celebrated on 1 March 2022, it’s a timely reminder of the positive impact powered mobility has in many people’s lives.

A physiotherapist’s role 

Adem first met his Yooralla physiotherapist, Anne-Marie when he was three years old. Anne-Marie supports Adem and his family with assistive technology and school support visits and was pivotal in Adem receiving the funding for his powerchair through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Anne-Marie initially completed an assessment of his postural needs, functional needs, power wheelchair driving needs/skills and his size to prescribe the ideal powerchair.

Yooralla’s Therapy team work closely with people with disability and their families to prescribe and utilise the powered mobility that works best to support them to achieve their goals.

Adem’s powerchair is just one of the many powered mobility applications completed by Anne-Marie and other Yooralla physiotherapists—supporting people with disability to achieve independent mobility and enjoying the positive impact that occurs as a result.

Shen, Adem’s mother is proud of Adem embracing his new sport.

“He gets to meet other kids in powerchairs, and it gives him confidence,” said Shen.

One other boy from his school has also joined the team and Adem is getting to know his teammates. Even though Adem has only been playing for a couple of weeks, he’s hooked.

“He loves it,” said Shen. “Each week he has a smile from ear-to-ear.”

Adem’s new powerchair 

After Adem’s assessment and some thorough research, Anne-Marie found the Strike Force powerchair and visited Push Mobility—a disability equipment provider—with Adem and Shen.

Adem’s new powerchair was ordered after an assistive technology application was submitted to the NDIS and approved, with his dreams of being a Powerchair Football champion in much closer reach.

Having seen how much Adem enjoys powerchair soccer, Shen encourages others to join.

“Get out there, have a go!” said Shen.

Adem’s new Strike Force powerchair is on its way from the United States and will be arriving within the month, perhaps even in time for International Wheelchair Day on March 1st. When it arrives, Anne-Marie will ensure it fits Adem.

For more information on International Wheelchair Day and how you can get involved, please visit

Join Yooralla’s physiotherapy team  

Adem’s story is just one of the many ways that Yooralla’s Allied Health team support people with disability to achieve their goals.

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